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Brought to you from the year 3050 by the MetaverseRPN Team. For More info on the fantastic team behind this expanse realm. check Meet the Team

The brave and the foolish walk not the middle road

The Metaverse is a constantly evolving story and timeline shaped by the players. Do you want to help shape history and make your mark on a metaversal scale? Join us in the discord! Your hands literally create our lore!

What is the metaverse?
No one knows where the metaverse came from. Most credit the enigmatic entity known as the Phoenix for its creation, the one who created the Guardians. Unfortunately, after the Akashic Records' rediscovery in the Plains above, it was made pretty clear the Guardians predate Timothy ever so slightly. Another factor that breaks that belief is the fact of the discovery of projects that Timothy never knew existed. And then there are the Chosen. Godlike beings that just showed up one day and created their own slice of existence referencing an entity known only by the name "The Doctor" when asked who gave them their powers. There is also the fact of the Rift Born, Extrametaversal entities pulled into the metaverse via the metaversal rift. With all these questions and more forming nearly every day, people start to wonder what the origin of the metaverse is. And what, if anything, exists outside it?
The answer appeared to lie in two seemingly failed projects of the enigmatic Doctor's: "The Framework" and a project are known only as "the Origin Project." But what shadows lie hiding within the seemingly peaceful part of our reality?
And will they like being woken back up from their eons-long slumber?

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