Janet Delacruz-Watch

Janet Delacruz-Watch (She/her)

After Twilight of Imagination, the landscape of the Metaverse changed forever. The Celestials once thought of solely as products of myth and legend, have now fully entered the public eye. The Ancient Sorcerer Merlin returned from exile and, along with his brother Enigma, resigned from Management, handing the keys to the Big 3 entirely to the Ancient Guardians. All this would go to show that the Nexus would never be the same again. But even these changes would pale compared to what the Next Generation would reveal. Over time, an unbreakable bond would form between three individuals of the next-gen, forming an unstoppable trio. Aurora, being the leader, has the skills and knowledge of the three, but she doesn't have all the power. So who does then?

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Janet is what is known as a Prime Guardian or, to go by the Scientific Name: Primus Curatix. as such, she is fully capable of shifting her physical form entirely on a whim. Though she has typically chosen to take a slender feminine humanoid form. Though don't let that physical form of hers deceive you about her physical prowess, as Janet is by far one of the strongest people on record.
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She could quite literally throw an entire planet at you without even breaking a sweat, and all without needing to break it into chunks using the power stone to do so.

Special abilities

As a Prime Guardian, Janet holds unprecedented levels of power, far surpassing even Aurora's power level. Just a subset of her known powers can be found here:

Celestial Genetics

Janet is the one of only 5 entities on record to carry Prime Celestial Genetics, resulting in her holding unlimited potential that surpasses even her Mother's own potential. While it is entirely unclear what this will mean in the long run, given the unprecedented nature of her existence, so far, we have discovered a few traits that seem to be connected to her Prime Celestial Genetics.
  • True Immortality: Due to holding Celestial Genetics, Janet has a Type 5 True Immortality Curse, just like her Mother. This makes it entirely impossible to actually kill her off
  • Absolute Strength: Janet's scores are so high on strength that her score is quite literally unquantifiable.
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    I had to push a whole new set of firmware to my equipment as trying to deduce a score for her quite literally bricked my scanner 5 times over.
  • Absolute Perception: Janet's Perception scores are completely and utterly unquantifiable. From a practical perspective, this would mean she would hold Omnipresence and be able to see anything across the entire nexus and even beyond, though it is not entirely clear if this is true.
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    Though if that is the case, it must be quite nice to be able to see everything without having to use your cameras as a medium to do so.
  • Absolute Endurance: Janet's Endurance Scores are completely off the charts, making her capable of taking a beating from pretty much anything in existence.
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    A feat not even Gabbie can pull off, and she thinks lounging around in the center of a supermassive black hole is a 5-star destination choice.
  • Absolute Charisma: Janet's Charisma Scores are entirely off the scales, it's entirely unclear what this would mean, but it's very likely this would explain just how convincing she can be when she asks something.
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    And how both she and Aurora seem to be able to charm their way out of almost any situation they get themselves into.
  • Absolute Intellect: Janet's Intellect Scores are entirely off the charts, making her one of the most intelligent beings on record, if not the most intelligent, not even the Chairman of the Collective holds a candle to her.
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    She makes even the brainiest brains in the metaverse and beyond look like village idiots in comparison.
  • Absolute Agility: Janet's Agility scores are entirely off the charts, making her the fastest and most agile person alive to date; she could be anywhere in existence instantly and not even need to teleport to get there.
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    Unlike Aurora and the other people we have scored, Janet actually Does meet and even exceed speeds only ever met when Voltaire is chasing that ever elusive head pat
  • Absolute Luck: Janet's Luck scores are completely off the charts, making her the luckiest person on record. This would mean the odds are quite literally ever in her favor.
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    And unlike an XCOM 2 sniper, 99% chance of hitting actually means 99% chance of hitting.
  • Absolute Spirit: Janet's Spirit scores are entirely off the charts, meaning she has the most potent soul on record, even more powerful than Ramon and her Mother has.
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    She legitimately bricked the Bio-Soul Scan system the Collective had designed when she first tried to use it, requiring Damien and Allen to spend weeks repairing it and ensuring she wouldn't fry its limits once more.

All Seeing Eyes of God

Janet has inherited the Mark -1 ProtoPI relic that was implanted in her Father's Eyes back in the first era; though only her right eye holds the relic, this has not reduced the potency of the artifact in question.
  • Perception Manipulation:
    Using the All-seeing eyes of God, Janet is capable of manipulating the perception of others. This can be applied in a multitude of different methods:
    • Perception Alteration: Janet can alter the perception of others, either to make it so they do not see something that is happening in front of them or to force them to see something that isn't real. She holds the highest authority level in regard to perception-altering illusions, meaning if she and someone else both create an illusion, hers will take precedence.
    • Perception Swapping: Janet is capable of swapping the perception between two or more entities, effectively forcing one to see what the other is and vice versa. This has the added side effect of causing the targets to undergo an intense wave of nausea if they have not had experience with this sort of perception switch effect before.
    • Perception Sharing: Janet is capable of intercepting the perceptions of others, allowing her to turn the target into another pair of eyes for her, allowing her to see what they see entirely; this can be used to help keep an eye on the actions of a target, or to keep watch on any particular person of interest by sharing the senses of one of their allies.
  • The TRUTH of the world:
    using the All Seeing Eyes of God, Janet can see "The Truth of the World" this would mean the following:
    • Absolute Illusion immunity: Janet is capable of seeing through any and all illusions due to her ability to see "The Truth of the World"; this renders all Visual Acuity and Illusionary techniques entirely ineffective on her. Even illusions created by her Father are unable to affect her
    • Temporal viewing: Janet is capable of perceiving "Past World Altering" illusions, effectively allowing her to see events that have been altered via temporal manipulation to what they originally were going to be. When working in tandem with her Branch travel skill listed further below, this can allow her to enter previous timelines and see what would have gone down before the flow of time was interrupted and the course altered.
  • IMG Type(Upscaled) by Hoyoverse

    Child of Imagination

    As Janet is the Daughter of Edenia herself, she has Absolute control over the Imaginary Realm itself. This grants her the following abilities:

      Imaginary Tree(Upscaled by SAGE_Metaverse) by Hoyoverse

    • Imaginary Realm Access:
      Janet can access the domain of Imagination herself, granting her the ability to travel the Imaginary Realm.
      • Imaginary Realm Travel: Janet can Open portals into the Imaginary Realm, allowing her to use the plane itself as a method of travel; she can also allow others to enter the Imaginary Realm if she so chooses.
      • Imaginary Branch Travel: Janet is capable of traveling to other branches of time using The Imaginary Tree as a method to travel between its various branches. This effectively would allow her to travel to alternate timelines along with accessing unaltered timelines created via temporal manipulation abilities. She can also allow others to access these branches as well if she chooses to do so.
      • Branch Creation: Using the Imaginary Tree as a medium, Janet is capable of creating new "Possibilites in the past," this in effect would mean she is capable of creating an alternate timeline at a specific date, effectively granting those around the chance to make a different choice.
      • Branch Destruction: Since Janet is capable of creating branches on the Imaginary Tree, it stands to reason she would also inherently hold the power to destroy those same branches. However, as of yet, she has never used this particular power as far as we know.
    • Imagination's Kin:
      As Janet is a child of Imagination, she is capable of calling upon the aid of the Imaginary Constructs that take residence inside the Imaginary Plane. She also would hold the highest authority over these constructs, so if someone else held control over Imaginary Constructs and decided to fight Janet, she could simply override their control over them.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

To improve readability, we have decided to split this section into "Chapters," as it were. Each section will have a Header above it which you can access from the Table of Contents for this entry.

Chapter 1: Child of Imagination

Janet was born to Leonardo Watch and Edenia Delacruz-Watch on December 30th of the year 4112, 32 years after Twilight of Imagination was successfully averted. At first, she seemed to be almost entirely normal compared to Aurora AI and Hannah May-Tosaki,
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save for her eyes being entirely abnormal. Still, alien-looking eyes seemed to be a thing with the higher-ups, so that wasn't cause for abnormality.
This all changed around the time Aurora turned 15. Aurora had heard about the Bio-Soul Scan System that the Collective uses to determine how strong someone is and wanted to use it on herself to see how strong she truly was. Naturally, Janet and Hannah were just as curious, and they each asked for the opportunity to do so. For some reason, however, Leonardo Watch was a tad concerned about having Janet use the Scan device, but Damien assured them it would be fine so Leo allowed Janet to use the device. After Janet used the device, it was made abundantly clear how special she was compared to the others.
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She Legit bricked the Bio-Soul Scan System, making it so Damien and the Collective had to spend weeks to bring it back online again.
A good few years later, Damien and Leo began drafting up plans for a secret project and holed away in one of Damien's labs to try and keep away from prying eyes. Emphasis on the word try, as after Aurora accidentally burned their designs down to the ground, both Aurora and Janet were revealed to have been listening in to their convo, and they had to skedaddle away.

Chapter 2: Joining the Institute.

A few months after Janet turned 18, she enrolled in the Institute along with Aurora, Cedrick, Hannah, and Seth Delacruz-Watch. During her first year, she, Aurora, and Hannah ended up in the same class as 507 and 663. After 507 was asked to step out of the room for a moment by Headmaster Allen Lee, Janet recognized that the pen 507 left on her desk was precisely the one her father and mother had drawings of. Aurora wanted to get a closer look at the pen to see if her theory on it was correct, and Janet agreed to conceal the 3 of them from view so they could safely take a closer look at its properties. After Aurora and Janet looked at it and confirmed it was the relic they believed it was, Hannah asked to take a look at it as well, as she was wondering what made that pen so special. Once Hannah had it in her hands, though, her latent powers acted up, resulting in her accidentally enlarging the pen to take up the entire room. Thankfully Janet was able to conceal this from the Headmaster's view. This resulted in Janet, Aurora, and Hannah spending the entirety of the Introductory Course trying to figure out how to shrink the pen back down, with everyone else in the class none the wiser about the fact that the desks they were sitting in were currently a pile of debris sitting against the wall. Luckily those 3 were able to repair everything and get the pen back to its normal size before 507 realized the pen was even missing. After Janet graduated from the Institute with Aurora and Hannah, she asked her Father Leo if he could make her one of the Watchers. Leo seemed to hesitate to give an answer here but eventually agreed to send Janet on missions as a way to prove if she has what it takes to become a Watcher with The MDA. Her first mission was to head to the Akashic Records and acquire data from Metis, the Celestial of Knowledge and Comprehension. She succeeded in this venture and returned to Leo with the Data Dump.

Chapter 3: Aid Provided

All her missions up until this year were more or less of this exact nature, more fetch quests than anything else. This changed in the year 4150 when Leo had Janet offer aid to Vantwaki and Korkat over in SZ-6483. Vantwaki and Korkat were attempting to create a Neutral Zone over on the moon to help coordinate efforts against large scale threats native to that realm such as the Dark Forest. Given the importance that this project succeed, Janet was told to offer "as much aid as necessary to ensure that they succeeded in their endeavor". As such, Janet asked Aurora if they could borrow the Warp Interdictor she designed and Aurora was more than willing to provide it. However Aurora said she could not make it over there to hand the device as she and Hannah were currently shopping around for an outfit to bring to the Garden, as Sephiron and the other Celestials had invited everyone there to thank them for helping restore their home 70 years back. Aurora suggested Janet invite Vantwaki and Korkat to join them as Aura and Metis would be more than happy to see them again. Janet extended the invite to them, but Vantwaki and Korkat turned out to be too busy and could not attend. Janet then made her way to the garden to meet Aurora and Hannah...

Personality Characteristics


Like Aurora and Hannah, its not entirely clear what motivates Janet's actions. She does seem to share the same fascination with history as Aurora and Hannah do, though just like her father, she seems to hold this knowledge in quite a higher regard than most would.

Likes & Dislikes

Her favorite flower is the Forget-Me-Knot just like her Mother before her. She also holds her mothers love for all things homemade.


Janet Delacruz-Watch

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Aurora AI



Aurora AI

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Janet Delacruz-Watch



Janet Delacruz-Watch

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Hannah May-Tosaki



Hannah May-Tosaki

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Janet Delacruz-Watch



Janet Delacruz-Watch

Sister (Vital)

Towards Seth Delacruz-Watch



Seth Delacruz-Watch

Brother (Vital)

Towards Janet Delacruz-Watch



Relationship Reasoning

There is a saying within the metaverse, Blood is Stronger than Water. Even though Janet has been known to pull some less than kind pranks on her younger brother, when push comes to shove or if he is ever in any danger, she is the first one who would arrive on the scene to protect him.

The Daughter of the Edenia and Leonardo Watch, she is the first Primus Curatix to ever exist.

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Power Classifcation
Codex Personnel ID
Date of Birth
December 30th
Year of Birth
4112 Y 38 Years old
Current Residence
Left eye has a galaxy level texture with a light blue tint, right eye looks entirely alien in nature.


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