Sephiron Delacruz

Sephiron Delacruz

Mother of Imagination Sephiron Delacruz (a.k.a. The Magium, The Magi-Mother, Mother Sephiron, Imagination)

Throughout the ages, there have been plenty of theories on the nature of existence and its origin. Conventional Science tends to agree on what is known as the "Big Bang" theory. Before the Age of Enlightenment on various worlds, Ancient Monothesitic religions credited an omnipotent power with shaping the Material with a simple command. Going back even further, an influential leader from a set of barbaric tribes claimed to glimpse a massive tree that stretched into the sky and enveloped all the worlds in its embrace. At first glance, these theories appear to be entirely contradictory, with only one being capable of being true, if any of them are in the first place. So would it surprise you to hear, that all of these explantions for the origin of all things are right in their own way? As for how that can be, the explanation all comes down to one entity. The Mother of Imagination herself, Sephiron Delacruz.

Divine Domains

Sephiron is the humanoid form taken by the complex Space-Time Structure known as the Imaginary Tree. As the Imaginary Tree embodies all domains of Creation, Sephiron is inherently interlinked with all of the Domains of Existence, holding full and complete authority over the very fabric of existence itself.


While Sephiron's status as the Primordium praecantatio would technically result in all artifacts being at least indirectly connected to her Domain and power, a few artifacts are directly related to her Domain. The Most notable would likely be the Imaginarium Fragments, direct fragments of Imagination herself born from her Power.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

As Sephiron Delacruz is the Embodiement of the Imaginary Tree, one of her symbols would obviously be the Imaginary Seed. But this is not the only one. As the Primordium Precantio, all 26 of the Celestine Signets would qualify under her own Symbols.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sephiron Delacruz has been described as holding an angelic figure, with an intricately designed blue dress and Golden Arcane Wings unlike those held by any other Celestial.

Special abilities

As a Prime Celestial, Sephiron holds unprecedented levels of power, far surpassing anyone else on record

Celestial Genetics

Sephiron is the one of only 5 entities on record to carry Prime Celestial Genetics, resulting in her holding unlimited potential. While it is entirely unclear what this will mean in the long run, given the unprecedented nature of her existence, so far, we have discovered a few traits that seem to be connected to her Prime Celestial Genetics.
  • True Immortality: Due to holding Celestial Genetics, Sephiron has a Type 5 True Immortality Curse. This makes it entirely impossible to actually kill her off
  • Absolute Strength: Sephiron's scores are so high on strength that her score is quite literally unquantifiable.
  • Absolute Perception: Sephiron's Perception scores are completely and utterly unquantifiable. From a practical perspective, this would mean she would hold Omnipresence and be able to see anything across the entire nexus and even beyond, though it is not entirely clear if this is true.
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    Though if that is the case, it must be quite nice to be able to see everything without having to use your cameras as a medium to do so.
  • Absolute Endurance: Sephiron's Endurance Scores are completely off the charts, making her capable of taking a beating from pretty much anything in existence.
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    A feat not even Gabbie can pull off, and she thinks lounging around in the center of a supermassive black hole is a 5-star destination choice.
  • Absolute Charisma: Sephiron's Charisma Scores are entirely off the scales, it's entirely unclear what this would mean in practical applications, as Sephiron is not the type to manipulate others
  • Absolute Intellect: Sephiron's Intellect Scores are entirely off the charts, making her one of the most intelligent beings on record, if not the most intelligent, not even the Chairman of the Collective holds a candle to her.
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    She makes even the brainiest brains in the metaverse and beyond look like village idiots in comparison.
  • Absolute Agility: Sephiron's Agility scores are entirely off the charts, making her the fastest and most agile person alive to date; she could be anywhere in existence instantly and not even need to teleport to get there.
  • Absolute Luck: Sephiron's Luck scores are completely off the charts, making her the luckiest person on record. This would mean the odds are quite literally ever in her favor.
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    And unlike an XCOM 2 sniper, 99% chance of hitting actually means 99% chance of hitting.
  • Absolute Spirit: Sephiron's Spirit scores are entirely off the charts, meaning she has the most potent soul on record, even more powerful than Ramon's.

Prime Regulator

As the Regulator in charge of the Domain of Imagination, Sephiron is classified as a Prime Regulator. This gives her completely unprecedented power over Existence itself. It's not 100% clear what this would mean, but the Chairman did mention some theories about what this could potentially mean.
  • Absolute Authority: As the Prime Regulator, Sephiron has complete and Absolute Authority across the all encompassing Domain of Imagination, effectively meaning she has full and complete authority over all other domains, theoretically even being capable of overriding the absolute authority held by the other regulators over their respective domains.
  • Regulator of Laws: As the Embodiement of the Imaginary Tree, Sephiron holds complete control over the Laws of existence itself, capable of reshaping the very laws of nature themselves. This would make her as close to truly omnipotent as one could possibly be.
  • Law of Imaginary: As the embodiement of Imagination, Sephiron is the very incarnation of Imaginary Law, this grants her complete and total Immutability, preventing any outside force from effecting her.

Mother of All

Sephiron Delacruz has been given the title of "Mother of All" by those who know of her existence. This is due to the following attributes we have observed her to hold.
  • Womb of Origin: Sephiron Delacruz is the Origin point of all Souls, with every soul having been born from her own power. Not even the other Celestials, The Observer or even the Celestial Grand Scientist himself holds the necessary power to serve as a catalyst for the Womb of Origin to create a new soul.
  • A child always recognizes their Mother: While these days creation of worlds and species have been left to chosen members of the 5th race, Sephiron still is the one who creates the Souls for every sentient species. As such, if a member of the 5th race was to encounter Sephiron Delacruz, they would immedietely recognize who she is. This is a passive result even Sephiron herself doesn't entirely enjoy, so she has found ways to conceal her presence from anyone but the Guardian Angels charged to protect the Core and those who already know of her concealed form.
  • When Mother comes home: Sephiron Delacruz radiates a passive aura of pacification in her unconcealed state. This Aura forces all hostility to be completely dropped between those who are in her presence. The mere act of her walking onto a battlefield would have the power to effectively force a "Christmas Truce" esk event where the two sides lay down their arms and coexist peacefully until the moment she leaves the area. This Aura does not activate when she is in her concealed form however, which is why she rarely leaves the Core without concealing and supressing her Aura.

Primordium praecantatio

Sephiron Delacruz is the very embodiement of Magic itself, with all forms of magic originating from her power. This has resulted in the following observations about her:
  • Power Bestowment: Sephiron is capable of bestowing immense power on those of the 5th race, giving them immense power to create and destroy based on what lies inside their Heart. The most well known examples of her doing this would be Management, the Chosen Creators and the Domain Creators, all of whom were granted both Immense Power, and Dominion over a segment of the Material Plane.
  • Signets of Celestine Radiance As the source and origin point of Magic itself, Sephiron can grant those she deems worthy access to the Signets of Celestine Radiance. A set of 26 Talismans that each radiate with one of the 26 Regulators power. She has only ever done this twice on record, once to her Protegee Hanaka, and the Neo-Guardian of Imagination Eliza, and a second set was Bestowed to Aurora AI for use in the construction of Prototype Northern Lights.
  • Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    To improve readability, we have decided to split this section into "Chapters," as it were. Each section will have a Header above it which you can access from the Table of Contents for this entry.

    Prologue and Origins

    Like many of the Celestials, Mother Sephiron's origins are shrouded in mystery with very little of it known or understood. The closest we have to an origin story for her is the tale of Origins. That being said, we know from historical records that up until the 5th era she was sealed by The Observer to prevent an unknown calamity from being unleashed. While there have been many instances of alleged contact between the 5th race and Mother Sephiron in the Eras prior, these contacts either only took place in the Door of TRUTH or were infact the Observer masquarading as Sephiron under the alias of the Magium.

    Chapter 1: A seal broken, A vessel Reborn

    This became the only interaction Sephiron held with those of the 5th race until around the year 2000 of the 5th era, when an Omega Class Shard Storm formed in the Antactic wilderness on Earth Prime, saturating the area with immense levels of Imaginarium. This event served as a catalyst to allow Mother Sephiron's release from the Seal placed upon them by the Observer. After the Storm Subsided, Sephiron began to walk the Nexus and Domains under the Alias of Gaia, keeping her true nature concealed and hidden to everyone before arriving on Asimov to observe her Protegee from the shadows. Unfortunataely, while Sephiron intentionally kept her nature hidden from Hanaka and the others, as observent as ever, she sensed a familiarity in Sephiron's energy signature. Hanaka asked for Sephiron to hold her hand, resulting in an energy sync up as electricity arced off them both. This caused Sephiron's Concealment to drop, revealing her right eye and causing Hanaka to almost entirely piece together who she was. Thankfully, Sephiron was quick on her feet and distracted her with the alias of Gaia before mentioning she still had somewhere to go, redirecting her focus back to the task at hand while allowing Sephiron to make a quick getaway. She went to sit on an Asteroid just outside the Eden Gateway, just observing the scenery of the Shadow Zone. It was then when Sephiron noticed she had a visitor in the form of one she referred to as Bele. After a heated conversation between the two, they both vanished off. Sephiron remained off the grid for some time after this discussion, before appearing within the Domain of the Watcher in order to banish one of the Fallen and foil their plan to tamper with Amane's fate. Nekomasu and Hanaka were both in the area when Sephiron intervened but the blinding light Sephiron summoned to banish the Fallen ensured her true identity remained hidden to Amane and Nekomasu, with Hanaka keeping her secret from Nekomasu when she asked who she was. After redirecting Amane back to the Notarian Hall, Sephiron vanished back off after speaking with Hanaka about what just transpired.

    Chapter 2: Return to Aetheria

    The next time Sephiron showed up, she was watching everything from the Teldrassil Relay Platform, when David paid them a visit and asked them if they would like to train her Protegee as Damien chose to go with Kizuna instead. After questioning whether David's motives to make such a suggestion was their own, she made her way to DImK to meet with Hanaka. Before Sephiron could begin their training though, she noticed Amane and Maliketh arrived at the Relay platform looking for Hanaka. Taking inititive, she appeared before them and brought them to DimK. As it turned out, the files Amane, Hanaka and Nekomasu submitted never made it to the Notarian Hall, resulting in her case from before resurfacing again. Hanaka and Sephiron decided that it was time to explain to Amane why this was happening and who she was. After this was explained, Sephiron chose to check something, as the fact this has now happened twice made it rather clear that someone was trying to frame them, and likely for far different motives than just a simple rumor about who Amane is meant to be. After relaying her findings to Hanaka, Sephiron left to Tritonia in order to find Aetherix and Mira so they could meet Amane and Maliketh, After Aetherix gave Amane the Cherub's mark, Sephiron, Amane, Aetherix and Mira made their way to the Door of Truth so they could pick up something from the Observer. However what they asked Ouroboros to retrieve for her actually scared the Observer, as she asked for Sacred Stone Beelzebub the stone that drew power from her Antithesis, Cryphone. Hanaka overheard this request as well as the Observer's Request to Aetherix, causing her to quickly imrpovise away from the original plan, choosing to have Amane take initiative to handle this problem on her own. After returning to the Gatekeeper HQ, Hanaka explained that the other gatekeepers are relying on her too much, and that they need to learn to stand on their own. This prompts Sephiron to return the stone, but not before Hanaka asked her what it was. After Sephiron explained what it is, Hanaka explained why she chose to improvise from the plan. Hanaka was worried about what Sephiron was planning on doing when Aetherix was asked to watch out for her by the Observer. Sephiron realized Ouroboros had put her in a trap, but with how she chose to react, Sephiron believed Hanaka was ready to learn the truth.

    Morality & Philosophy

    While Sephiron Delacruz is quite possibly the closest one could ever get to Omnipotence and a True Deity in the traditional sense, she will be the first to correct you on that assumption. She understands that even someone as powerful as her has the potential to make mistakes. Nobody is truly infalible. Not the Regulators, not the Chosens, nor those of the 5th Race.

    Personality Characteristics


    Like the other Celestials, Sephiron's motivations are shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows what her motives are, besides protecting those she calls the 5th race.


    Sephiron Delacruz

    spouse (Vital)

    Towards Trinidad Delacruz



    Trinidad Delacruz

    spouse (Vital)

    Towards Sephiron Delacruz




    Sister/Other Half (Vital)

    Towards Sephiron Delacruz



    Sephiron Delacruz

    Sister/Other Half (Vital)

    Towards Cryphone



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    History is written by the victors, but those who do not know the truth are condemned to repeat the mistakes of those who came before them

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    The Mother of Imagination and the Origin of all things, Sephiron is the closest one will ever find to a traditional deity in power. However, she is not a traditional deity in her mentality.

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    Power Classifcation
    Codex Personnel ID
    Known Aliases
    The Magium
    The Magi-Mother
    Mother Sephiron
    Mother of All
    Divine Classification
    Prime Regulator/Celestial
    Unknown/Presumed Timeless
    Date of Birth
    Unknown, Presumed Beginning of time
    Roots of Imagination
    Cryphone (Sister/Other Half)
    Current Residence
    Core of EDEN
    Swirly Blue, with a strange galaxy like texture to it.
    172.5 cm
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    People sometimes felt it was so simple being responsible for creation itself. In reality its nowhere near the case. You may become responsible for its greatest strengths, but you also become responsible for its shortcoming and flaws. You encompass everything good and bear the burden of every bad thing that ever happens
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