Celestial of Earth Omnes Amplectentes Gaia

Within the Nexus and beyond, there are many different worlds that go by the Name Earth. But, there are just as many that do not as there are that do. So when looking at the many aspects, one might be confused by the fact that Earth is one of them. How could a fundamental aspect refer to Earth when earth is not the only world out there? And which Earth does it even refer to? This can be quite perplexing, unless you look deeper into the histories of the past, to before the knowledge of the many elements we have today Even before the knowledge of the traditional Blueprint Periodic table. Back to a time when the greatest minds of the world, believed there was not thousands of elements, or even 118, but only 4. The traditional 4 elements, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. The ancient philisophers may have been wrong about many things, but, it seems they may have not been entirely wrong about these 4 elements. And you need only look at the Celestial of Earth Omnes Amplectentes, Gaia for proof.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Like all Celestials, Gaia has two main physical forms, a True Form, and a Humanoid one. Gaia's True form has been observed to look like a Strange moss covered stone,
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An entirely fitting form for someone who embodies Earth, wouldn't you say?
As for Gaia's Humanoid form, it has a physical condition that could likely only be described as Divine or Angelic in nature.

Identifying Characteristics

When it comes to Gaia's Humanoid form, there are a few identifiying features that help make clear that it's them. First would be the Nature Green Colored Hair and Eyes, which represent her Domain. She also tends to have an aura radiating the same color wisping around her at most times.

Physical quirks

When it comes to Gaia's Humanoid form, she actually slightly differentiates her form compared to the form her celestial brethren take. The most notable quirk is probably her longer ears, given her a distinctly elven appearance.

Special abilities

As the Celestial of Earth Omnes Amplectentes, Gaia holds a multitude of abilities. A list of her observed skills can be found below. Do note that this is very much not an all encompassing list as, like many Celestial Class Entities, we are still uncovering exactly what they are truly capable of.

Celestial Genetics

As a 1st Generation Celestial Gaia holds Celestial Genetics, resulting in her holding unlimited potential. While it is entirely unclear what this will mean in the long run, given the unprecedented nature of her existence, so far, we have discovered a few traits that seem to be connected to her Celestial Genetics.
  • True Immortality: Due to holding Celestial Genetics, Gaia has a Type 5 True Immortality Curse. This makes it entirely impossible to actually kill her off
  • Absolute Strength:Gaia's scores are so high on strength that her score is quite literally unquantifiable.
  • Absolute Perception: Gaia's Perception scores are completely and utterly unquantifiable. From a practical perspective, this would mean she would hold Omnipresence and be able to see anything across the entire nexus and even beyond, though it is not entirely clear if this is true.
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    Though if that is the case, it must be quite nice to be able to see everything without having to use your cameras as a medium to do so.
  • Absolute Endurance: Gaia's Endurance Scores are completely off the charts, making her capable of taking a beating from pretty much anything in existence.
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    A feat not even Gabbie can pull off, and she thinks lounging around in the center of a supermassive black hole is a 5-star destination choice.
  • Absolute Charisma: Gaia's Charisma Scores are entirely off the scales, it's entirely unclear what this would mean in practical applications, as Gaia is not the type to manipulate others
  • Absolute Intellect: Gaia's Intellect Scores are entirely off the charts, making her one of the most intelligent beings on record, if not the most intelligent, not even the Chairman of the Collective holds a candle to her.
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    She makes even the brainiest brains in the metaverse and beyond look like village idiots in comparison.
  • Absolute Agility: Gaia's Agility scores are entirely off the charts, making her the fastest and most agile person alive to date; she could be anywhere in existence instantly and not even need to teleport to get there.
  • Absolute Luck: Gaia's Luck scores are completely off the charts, making her the luckiest person on record. This would mean the odds are quite literally ever in her favor.
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    And unlike an XCOM 2 sniper, 99% chance of hitting actually means 99% chance of hitting.
  • Absolute Spirit: Gaia's Spirit scores are entirely off the charts, meaning she has one of the most potent souls on record, even more powerful than Ramon's.

Regulator of Earth

As the Celestial of Earth, Gaia is classified as the Regulator of Earth. This gives her completely unprecedented power over the domain of Earth itself. It's not 100% clear what this would mean, but the Chairman did mention some theories about what this could potentially mean.
  • Regulatory Authority: As the Regulator of Earth, Gaia has complete and Absolute Authority across the domain of Eartj, granting her complete and absolute control over Elemental Earth and everything that encompasses. However, this does not give her the ability to override the Authority of other Domains, and Sephiron could theoreticlaly override her authority if she so chooses.
  • Gaia's Authority: As the Embodiement of Earth Gaia holds what is known as "Gaia's Authority." What this could mean however is entirely unknown at this time
  • Imagination's Kin: As the Celestial of Earth, Gaia draws her power from Imagination itself, this allows her to inherit the complete and total Immutability held by Sephiron, for as long as she draws her power from Imagination directly.

Earth's Embrace

As part of Gaia's Authority, Gaia has complete and total control over the concept of Elemental Earth. This would inherently make her capable of these skills.
  • And the world began to shake: Using her authority, Gaia could theoretically cause the very ground to quake, creating earthquakes of unimaginable magnitude. This could potentially even occur on unnatural stations or artificial moons and planets without any tectonic plates to shift around.
  • Reclaimed by Nature: Using her authority, Gaia could cause the natural world to grow expontentiall, resuling in either a reclaiming of industrialzed land, or to completely encase and ensnare an opponet.
  • Sacred Garden: Using her authority, Gaia can create a garden oasis, protecting those within it from any harm. With the assistance of her sisters Helios and Phanes, along with her brother Oceanus, she can even imbue the stream and fruits of this garden with Rejuvenatng properties, allowing for a safe space for healing back up after an attack.
  • Born of Imagination, Bound by Earth


Personality Characteristics


Like her Celestial Brethren, it's nigh impossible for us Children to really comprehend Gaia's motivation or drive. To attempt to comprehend what goes inside the minds of a Celestial entity is attempting to comprehend the incomprehendable. As such, we have no way of knowing what really drives Gaia to perform the acts she does. Though if you ever get the chance to ask her directly, she will give you an answer, if not a cryptic one:
To Regulate the Domain, to protect those who come after, and ensure they are ready for what is to come
— Gaia when asked about their motivation

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History is written by the victors, but those who do not know the truth are condemned to repeat the mistakes of those who came before them

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The Celestial of Earth, the Mother of Nature, Regulator of Earth and Earth's Authority. All these are names held by the Celestial of Earth Omnes Amplectentes, Gaia

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Power Classifcation
Codex Personnel ID
Known Aliases
Mother Earth
Mother Nature
Divine Classification
Unknown(Presumed almost as old as Time himself)
Date of Birth
Unknown(presumed just after time himself)
Nature Green
Nature green, wispy

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