Abaddon's Blade

Abaddon's Blade

An Ancient Blade, rumored to be capable of killing Gods. It was the highest tier GK blade known to the general public before the rediscovery of Excalibur and Kampeon's Blade. But was it truly capable of what the rumors claimed? And what else was it capable of pulling off?

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It's not entirely clear what allowed Abaddon Blade to work the way it did. Perhaps it inherited it's transmutational properties from Shadow Excelsior, or it simply gained that power from the Shard of Creation at it's heart, or from the MK X Reality PI Stone that was used in it's construction.

Manufacturing process

Unfortunately, we do not know the exact manufacturing process that were necessary to forge Abaddon's Blade, as the exact methodology is considered a closely guarded trade secret by the Collective and as such, remains classified to this very day.


Abaddon's Blade was first forged by Phoenix late into Age 4 after Althea inadvertandly acquired it's counterpart, The Sword of the End during a visit to the Epicenter. After it's forging was complete, the Blade determined that someone else needed her power first, as her destined holder had yet to be born. As such, the Blade lent itself out to Elesis as it's Temporary Chosen, allowing her to use it to save the El Priestess from Sirin's clutches and free Gabbie from Sirin's hold entirely. After helping Elesis save the El Priestess, the Blade disappeared, as Elesis no longer needed them, before finding it's way to her actual Destined Chosen, Ashia. Ashia had just watched Althea run away from her out of fear for her own safety, and so Abaddon's Blade helped Ashia track her sister down. Upon finding her in the Epicenter, a destined battle began, as both sisters clashed with one another due to the residiual influence End had on Althea. Clash after clash occured, before Althea and Ashia decided to reconcile their differences and use their combined power to reboot the Era, beginning the 5th era. From there, Abaddon's Blade accompanied Ashia on her search to find their father in this new Era, before eventually being shattered by David during the Dark Wars in order to release the Shard that was hidden within it.


Abaddon's Blade was a GK Class Weapon, and one of the first at that. While intially Abaddon's Blade was rumored to be the most powerful of 3 Godkiller Blades, this was proven false after the rediscovery of both Excalibur and it's counterpart Kampeon's Blade. Despite this revelation, Abaddon's Blade was still one of only two weapons forged directly out of a Shard of Oblivion, making it a beyond legendary weapon regardless of if it was not as powerful as Excalibur and Kampeon's blade.

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Abaddon's Blade by MetaverseRPN[Upscaled via AutoWaiu]
GK Weapon
Type X
Item ID
GK Classification
Class 1
Current Status
Destroyed and used to reforge Excalibur
Known Holders
Ashia Bravesoul[Formerly]
Elesis Branwen[Formerly]
Creation Date
Late A4
Destruction Date
A5 Y1000, in the aftermath of the DWs
Abaddon's Blade was a one of a kind blade, with only one ever have been made, or ever even capable of being made due to the unique materials that made up it's construction.
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Abaddon's Blade was said to have been made from many different parts. The most notable of which are listed below:
  • The 12 Divine Keys said to have been forged from the cores of herrschers long gone
  • The Mark X PI stones, said to be the Pinnacle of PI itself
  • Shadow Excelsior, the Faux Sacred Stone
  • Tools
    Unfortunately, we do not know the exact tools that were necessary to forge Abaddon's Blade, as the exact tooling that was used was classifed by the Collective and remains as such to this day.

    Cover image: Abaddon's Blade by MetaverseRPN[Upscaled via AutoWaiu]


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