When you live in a plane as infinitely vast as the Nexus is, you learn that just as there are infinite worlds to explore, there are also Infinite Dangers that will inevitably be discovered. There are an infinite amount of Blessings that can be bestowed upon you, and an infinite amount of curses that one could forcibly acquire. Not all curses are created equally though, and one such curse could be considered the Progenitor of all forms of Corruption itself. The very first curse to ever exist. Corruptix

Transmission & Vectors

It is unclear how Corruptix can be transmitted, if it even can be by traditional means. Though it is said Phoenix once cursed Evil with the Corruptix using a blast of Corrupted Energy. Alejandros Jarvis was also capable of acquiring it by asking a Fallen to bestow it upon him via absorbing a condensed block of a foreign energy, and it does seem like Candle was able to gain it by deciding to absorb a purple flame pillar back in the ruins of Ygdrassil. All of this points to a very specific energy type being used as the primary Transmission vector.


Corruptix is said to be the oldest form of corruption, it is not entirely clear what causes the curse to manifest as every known recorded instance of one being cursed with it are under completely different circum though Phoenix was said to be able to bestow the curse on David after Project Phoenix was completed. Though its completely unknown how Phoenix was able to do that, as normally Management would have been able to easily overpower any form of Corruption Phoenix could possibly create.  


In the Initial Stages, those inflicted with Corruptix have been known to succumb to their worst vices much easier, and very quickly purple and black cracks will form on the afflicted. The more they succumb to their vices, the quicker the cracks will spread. The persons darkness also gets stronger and stronger the more the cracks spread. If they hit 100% infection levels they will become completely enveloped in their own darkness. They will also become Indoctrinated to Corruptix herself. Willing to follow her every whim, without even realizng they are following her orders.


In the Early stages of infection, Corruptix is only curable using the purification powers of the Sephira Tribe from the Lost Continent. In its later stages however, Corruptix is said to be completely and entirely incurable. Not even the Blue Flame is capable of purifying the curse away from a target once it has progressed far enough.


Those cursed with Corruptix go through several stages depending on how far the curse has progressed, Each stage is based on percentage of Progression.

Stage 1: 1% to 10% progression

In the initial stages those inflicted with the curse do not have any physical signs that they are infected. The only warning signs would be that they would more easily succumb to their prexisting vices. Once they hit 7% progression, when they are feeding their vices their eyes will glint a distinct color of purple for a split second, making it nigh impossible for one to notice this change.

Stage 2: 11% to 15% progression

At Stage 2, purple and black cracks will begin to form at the initial exposure point, this is the very first noticable sign that one is aflicted with the curse. These cracks will spread ever so slightly each time the Afflicted gives into their vices. At 14% progression, attempting to pull someone afflicted away from their vices will be met with high levels of hostility, almost as if they are instantly experiencing withdrawel effects just from the attempt of pulling them away.

Stage 3: 16% to 30% progression

In Stage 3, the cracks will likely have covered the entirety of the initial exposure point. At this stage it becomes nigh impossible to pull them away from their vices. Their Vices will also likely evolve to an even worse version than they already had. (EG: Someone who has a vice of smoking Cannabis, will start wanting to smoke tobacco for absolutely no reason, someone with a vice of smoking tobacco will begin wanting to smoke crack, etc...). At 29% progression, the afflicted one will start having ideas pop into their head that they believe they came up with themselves. In actuality, their darkness has begun to awaken within them, allowing Corruptix to begin to more directly influence them.

Stage 4: 31% to 60% progression

Once an afflicted reaches stage 4, their darkness will gain a much higher level of control over them, with Corruptix's level of influence increasing exponentially as they continue to progress. After reaching 60% progression, the body part that was initially exposed will get completely enveloped in darkness at random intervals an omen of what is to come. At this stage even the Purification powers of the Sephira are incapable of removing the curse from the Afflicted one.

Stage 5: 61% to 100% progression

Stage 5 is the last stage of progression. Once someone reaches stage 5, they are now slowly getting indoctrinated by Corruptix and cannot disobey any request she asks. Their entire body will begin to be enveloped in shadows as they become a Fallen one. Individuals who reach stage 5 can now exist anywhere there is a shadow, gaining access to the Shadow Plane Karma for transportation. At 100% progression the corrupitix curse becomes a type 5 True Immortality curse, making it impossible to truly kill the Fallen off.


It is entirely unclear where this Curse originated from, though the first known recorded instance of this curse can be traced to the aftermath of Project Phoenix, when Phoenix in a fit of anger and rage accidentally cursed Evil before being forced into stasis. Much later on, an entity of unknown origin who went by the name of "The Emissary" granted Alejandros Jarvis with the Curse as part of an agreement with the latter. The Emissary wanted to gain the knowledge of the modern language so they could be understandable to newcomers, Alejandros provided a device to allow them to extract the language from something in the modern era in return for a piece of corruptix he can absorb.
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Though Alejendros decided instead of setting the device to extract the Common language to make it extract YGC, effectively replacing one dead language with another.

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