Creationite(Primordial Element)


When you ask what elements exist within the Nexus, you will almost always get a different answer from each person. If you ask a scientist from a 21st-century earth, you will be directed to look at the classical, yet outdated, periodic table from origin times. If you ask someone from a more magical background, they would tell you the even more classical 4 elements of earth, fire, water, and air. Which one is correct, though? The answer is both and neither. There are as many elements in the realms as there are stars in an origin world's sky, and then some. That being said, there is one element that's near-limitless in its applications, making it one of the most valuable elements in existence, akin to gold from back in origin times. So much so that it effectively became its own variation of the gold standard when it's in its depleted state. Curious what it is? Go ahead and take a seat while I tell you about the element of creation.


Creationite is an element of pure condensed creation. It is by far the most valuable element in the realms and the second most valuable material. Its versatility is near limitless in its applications, making it almost entirely responsible for the 1st golden age of innovation in the metaverse. This is especially true when being used in conjunction with its inverse Destructinite


Creationite is said to have three different ways it can appear. In its unrefined form, it is said to naturally rest in a crystal lattice structure, not unlike a diamond would. In its refined state, Creationite changes into a wispy almost ethereal form, which constantly changes its color based on its "mood". The Collective are currently unsure if this color changing is simply random or if the element holds some low level of sentience.
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One of the most well-known properties of Creationite is its use as a magical power source or battery for various artifacts. One of the strangest things about this element is it never seems to run out of energy stored within it as if it's constantly recharging itself. It also takes an extreme amount of energy to even partially drain its reserves. As such, it's the go-to resource for clean energy generation. The elemental properties of Creationite have also been said to boost the powers of those wielding it exponentially. After the Chairman's experiments in the 5th era, another property of this element was rediscovered:
While creationite was once considered sentient in its own right, and hold many of its properties, what is worth investigating is the fact that the it reacts to the thoughts and wishes of those around them, reshaping itself as a reaction. The stronger the emotion the stronger the reaction, and since Love is one of the strongest of all, it has the strongest reaction to it. Interesting enough, it only reacts to mutual love. so if just one person loves someone else the reaction is no where near as strong, but if two people mutually love each other the reaction is by far the strongest we have ever experienced creationite have.
— 1st Era Collective entry on Creationite
While this property was rediscovered back in the 5th era by the Chairman, it has yet to be experimented with further in the Current Era, so it is unclear what exactly this is, or why it occurs.

Known Compounds

While it was originally thought that this element was unable to be combined with other elements to make compounds, recently recovered research originating from the first golden age reveals that not only is that incorrect, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Another material known today as either Balancium or the Unity crystal was revealed to have been a compound created by combining both creationite and Destructinite in a harmonious arrangement that merges the two sides of the primordial coin in perfect unison. While the method to create this crystal had been considered lost, carbon dating on currently recovered crystals has revealed that they are almost brand new, which calls into question if the method is truly lost.

Geology and Geography

While Creationite was originally considered one of the rarest materials in the metaverse, recent discoveries dictate that that couldn't be further from the case. Ancient caves on most inhabited planets have been discovered to have minute traces of creationite on the walls. A similar cave has been found on nearly every known planet in the metaverse. Local Geologists have determined that it's highly likely these were ore veins that once held a large amount of this element that was long since harvested away. But who would have the resources and clout to harvest them all away before they are even discovered by the natives of the planet.


while it was originally thought that creationite was a product of Phoenix's experiments, recently recovered research show a completely different story. Creationite is a by-product of the balance between creation and destruction. When the two forces are perfectly in balance, the two primordial elements form equally across the metaverse, and the fabled balance vein will form on multiple planets across each realm. When creation is stronger than destruction, creationite forms more commonly than its opposite, and the balance vein forms just once per realm. And when destruction is stronger than creation, Destructinite forms are more common than creationite and without the protective lining of creationite that prevents the Destructinite element from ripping the planet apart.


Creationite forms naturally in a highly energetic state, so energetic in fact that if its harvested improperly, it explodes with the force of a thousand supernovae. This makes it nigh impossible for someone who doesn't know what they're doing to harvest the element without inadvertently blowing up the planet and everything around it. When creating the element magically or through technological means, the element is manifested in its least stable state and has an extremely high likelihood of blowing up in the caster's face right then and there.


Creationite has been theorized to exist since the dawn of creation. Because of the requirements to utilize this element, it has been left largely unknown to anyone not already in the Collective. This was the case until the recently when someone from realm system 2058 found some of the elements and managed to use one of the realm forges to forge a wand from it and other materials native to her realm. Because of the inherent properties of creationite, the wand had capabilities beyond what should have been possible with native materials to their world. She used this inherent power to seal away 3 ancient evils that were attacking the realms at that time. The very power she used to seal them away also killed her in the end, though she bound her soul to the wand allowing it to resurrect her. Around the start of the current era, a balance vein was also discovered in ERROR: DATA CORRUPTED, which, when improperly harvesting, almost ripped the entire planet of ERROR:DATA CORRUPTED apart. Dr. Allen Lee of the collective helped stabilize the energies within the vein, keeping calamity from occurring.


The first documented discovery of creationite dates back to the beginning of the 5th age. Though research recovered from ruins of the first golden age reveal that certain individuals and organizations knew of this element for much, much longer.


While creationite was once considered far too rare to enter common circulation, recent discoveries have made clear that while it is rare actually to gain access to, it exists quite commonly in nature. However, its rarity and extreme difficulty at being able to utilize the element have made it extremely valuable. So much so that coins have been minted with just 1% pure creationite, making it the defacto main currency across the realms and the equivalent of the US dollar from origin times. It has also been utilized in an equivalent of batteries and even for truly clean power reactors, among several other inventions created and produced by the Collective.


Creationite requires a forge capable of getting hotter than around 50.456x1015 the genesis constant to melt it down so you can utilize it. Because of the extreme heat requirements required to utilize it, only the Collective and a few other organizations have the capacity to use the element.


Creationite has been known to be used to create several different types of products. Literally, anything that could use a boost of power can utilize creationite to provide that. A list of the more common products:
  • Creationite Coin
  • Creationite Energy Core (Akin to an Origin era Battery)
  • Creationite Energy Core for Cybernetics
  • Creationite Energy Core for an SI
  • Creationite Energy Adapter
  • Creationite Core
  • Eternity Ring
  • Genesis Coin
  • Nexus Warp Drive
  • CSA-HC
  • Hazards

    As I already mentioned, Creationite needs to be stabilized before it can be safely harvested. If the proper stabilization methods are not used when harvesting the element, it has a very high likelihood of blowing up in your face in a spectacular fashion. Even if you were to harvest it successfully, the power this element holds is beyond what mere mortals can handle, so extreme caution must be taken when utilizing artifacts holding the energies of this element, or you may perish by the very powers you invoke.

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    Refined Appearance
    Raw Appearance
    Raw Creationite by Zaprez
    Primordial Element
    Element Classification
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    Element TCTACS Class
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    Risk level
    why would someone taste-test an ore?
    Unrefined:Blue, Refined:Multicolor
    Boiling / Condensation Point
    Melting / Freezing Point
    Common State
    Crystalline Lattice
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