While Creationite is definitely one of the more iconic Primordials, and the one most would immedietly recognize, it has always been only one side of the coin. As Creationite was born from the forces of Creation herself, so to was an element born from the forces of her brother. A Primordial element that embodies the very essense of Destruction himself. The Primordial element of Destructinite.


Material Characteristics

In its naturally found states, Destructinite takes the form of a highly corrosive glowing purple liquid. Due to the physical properties being near identical to the infamous Purple Flame, those who have had personal experience with this primordial element have coined the nickname "Liquid Purple Flame" to describe it to others.

Physical & Chemical Properties

In its natural state, Destructnintie takes the form of an extremely corrosive liquid that is that is fully capable of eating through almost every single material in existence, including the fabric of reality itself. The single material we have confirmed cannot be consumed by this corrosive element is its opposite, Creationite. This has been confirmed due to the fact the natural veins for Destructinite manifests inside a very thin layer of creationite preventing the destructinite vein from eating through the planet it forms on.


While it was once thought Destructinite could not ever be used in a compound due to it eating through more or less every material you would attempt to combine with it, as of recent, its made clear that at least 2 different compounds can be formed using this element. The most notable one is known as Balancite or better known as the Unity Crystal, which combines both sides of the coin. Creationite and Destructinite united as one, to create a crystal more powerful than either primordial alone

Geology & Geography

Like its sister Primordial Creationite, Destructinite has the potential to form naturally on any "natural" celestial object, be it a planet, a moon, a planetoid, even an asteriod belt. It will not form inside artificial stations though.

Origin & Source

Like Creationite, it is still being determined where Destructinite came from. Several legends depict the origin of the Primordials—each laying claim to being the origin story for the primordial ores. The first legend states that the primordials were born from the energy burst created by Phoenix upon tapping into the Ouroboros Code for the first time. Other accounts say that The Doctor made the Primordials in one of their first experiments. And still, others credit Merlin for their creation. All of these accounts give entirely different origins for these materials, so it's unlikely that any single account we have access to is the correct origin story.

History & Usage


While it may not be as well known as its sister primordial, Destructinite has likely been around just as long as Creationite. Of course, due to its volatile nature, it has always been acquired well before the native population ever discovers its presence on a planet. There have been a few times where this did not happen right away, though, and the worlds the element spawned on, let's say they, quickly were removed from the Celestial Array. The first recorded instance of Destructinite's appearance can be traced to the 5th era when a vein of Destructinite formed on Azeroth. Both Altera Corp and the Collective were working to harvest it, but something occurred that made both groups move their focus elsewhere.


It is not entirely clear who first discovered Destructinite, though the most likely answer is that the Collective was the first to discover the Primordial element.

Everyday use

Due to its incredibly destructive nature, there really is no safe way for a ordinary invidual to utilize it.


Due to the extreme volatility inherent with this primordial element, immense caution is needed to harvest and utilize it. If the proper precautions are not taken, this element has been shown to quite literally eat through entire planets from the inside. While this does not seem as immediately dangerous as what occurs if one fails to harvest Creationite properly, in reality, Destructinite is far far more dangerous than its opposite. Left to its own devices and without proper containment procedures in place, Destructinite will eat through anything and everything in its sight. Once it's done eating through everything in its path, it will proceed to eat through the very fabric of reality itself.



While Destructinite's extremely corrosive nature would make it appear that safely containing it is an impossibility, this is, in fact, only partially the case. There is but one element in existence that Destructinite has proven incapable of eating through; its opposite, Creationite. As such, lining a container with Creationite makes it possible to safely store this volatile element, as long as the Creationite lining remains intact.
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