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Eliza Branwen

Neo-Guardian of Imagination Eliza Branwen (a.k.a. The Timeless Knight-Errant)


Initially, Eliza came off as very cold and uncaring, being concentrated solely on her duties as a Supersoldier. Although she protected humanity from various threats, adapting and evolving as time passed, she did not care for them and was only truly concerned with completing her mission, even willing to sacrifice human lives in order to do so. She was shown to be a nihilist, as she saw little to no meaning in even the most basic of things, not even having a name she could remember, until Yūji, an old colleague she met from time to time, gave her one: "Eliza". She insisted that Yūji was only a Torch, albeit an interesting one due to his status as a Mystes, and referred to him as only an object. She also referred to herself as only a Supersoldier. However, her low opinion of Torches was justified due to the fact that all the ones she had met before Yūji were uncompromisingly selfish and desperate to hold on to what little existence they had left. Therefore, she was very surprised and confused when Yūji decided to give up his existence to restore the damage to a classroom, when she had been planning to use the existence of one of his classmates. Her opinion of him changed once and for all when he helped her in the battle against Friagne, in which he lost nearly all of his existence to the point that he would have faded were it not for the Midnight Lost Child. This act of bravery convinced Eliza to finally accept Yūji as a person, which was the beginning of her slowly opening up to him and eventually realizing who she finally was, and the eventual truth of her origin.   When she started training Yūji, Eliza was shown to be a very strict teacher, constantly criticizing him for his lack of progress and treating every training session like an actual battle. When Yūji chose to postpone training to help out the school committee, she became convinced that he wasn't taking his training seriously. Soon after, while fighting a Rinne by herself, she grew to realize how much she hated being alone, something she had never realized before due to spending years with only the bodiless Alastor and Kyubi for company, as well as having grown up believing that a true Flame Haze doesn't rely on anybody. Once Yūji starts to show signs of progress, her attitude changes and she begins to compliment his steady increase in strength.   Even as a child before Eileen experimented on her, Eliza was very fond of melon bread, and Alastor noted that the times she was eating it was one of the rare times she was in a good mood. She can be borderline fanatical about melon bread at times, often giving Yūji lectures on the best way to eat it and even gets disappointed when she finds that a shop has added a spice to it, going so far as to say they have no respect for its natural taste. However, it soon becomes clear she has a fondness for anything sweet; melon bread is just her favorite. She is described as having a "transcendent sweet tooth" and has been seen joyfully eating other foods such as ice cream, taiyaki, and berries. Eliza is described by Alastor as being a "unique case" among his contracts i.e. she's the only one who harbors no real grudge against Crimson Denizens. As such, she has no biased opinions about Denizens and recognizes that not all of them cause harm to the balance, as opposed to Margery, who initially considered the idea of an 'innocent Denizen' to be laughable.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Eliza Branwen (エリザ・ブランウェン) is a young girl with ocean blue hair which goes all the way to the tip of her back. She has an ahoge antenna hair which always sticks out on the top of her head. Originally, she had dark brown hair, and upon invoking her powers, her hair and eyes change color to a fiery crimson with embers fluttering from her head down. Eliza is described as pretty and of Asian descent. She also has eyes that compliments alongside her hair, originally being dark brown irises, she also sports a fair natural complexion. Due to the effects of being genetically enhanced during her experimentation phase from Eileen and a third party's attempt to create the greatest Super soldier against the 41st Century Legion, Eliza's physical age will remain that of a girl that appears to be around 11 or 12 years of age to which it remained until after she had entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Elesis, to which it is revealed that she had undergone a very late growth spurt, revealing she had grown to that of a mature young lady. Her actual age is unknown, but it is speculated that she has only been around for more than just several dozen thousand years already.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Chapter 1 - A true Chosen is born

Chapter 2 - Birth of a Supersoldier

Chapter 3 - The Four Thousand Year War

Chapter 4 - A Dark moment in History

Chapter 5 - The trip back to the past

Chapter 6 - Realm Defense!

Chapter 7 - Journey through Azeroth

Chapter 8 - Harmony Festival

Chapter 9 - Return to the Future

Chapter 10 - The Herald of Oblivion arrives!

Chapter 11 - A Desperate Escape

Chapter 12 - A Mother, a Daughter, and the sword of fate

Chapter 13 - The chosen of Pyrus is born

Chapter 14 - The return to Azeroth

Chapter 15 - Cast into stone

Chapter 16 - The Twins

Chapter 17 - Escapism

Chapter 18 - Homeworld Bound

Chapter 19 - Destiny unravels

Chapter 20 - Fulfillment


Family Ties

It is not entirely clear as to who Eliza's parents are, however, it is in fact confirmed that Elesis Branwen is indeed her mother, whom she finds out at one point before succumbing to the rage and power of the 9 Tails yet again after coming to the realization that one of the people she indeed killed without realizing was indeed her mother. As for her father, it is still speculated that Constantine is her possible father, theorized due to the fact she has access to "Insanir", an inherent power boosting ability originating from the Oasis. The latter one is still a theory due to it possibly being adapted after a fight against Maefedy-Ann to which the latter used Insanir against her entirely.

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Lawfully Neutral
100,000 Years Old
Date of Birth
1st Era of the 11th Century of December 7th
Ocean Blue Eyes
Ocean Blue Hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair White
146.3869 lbs
Related Myths

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