Lethe's Curse

Lethe's Curse

Of all the energies born out of Imagination and the Regulators power, the Oblivion Current is by far the most volatile and destructive, holding a special place even among the Celestials, with only the Chairman being willing to even touch Lethe's power. This is partially due to the destructive nature of the Current , but that's not the only reason. A price is enacted on those who choose to work with Lethe's Current, one that not even the Celestials are exempt to paying. A specially designed curse is placed on the Wielder, aptly named Lethe's Curse.

Transmission & Vectors

Lethe's curse is not infectious by design, as it only punishes those who choose to wield the Oblivion Current. As such there are no transmission vectors besides the illadvised usage of the Oblivion Current.


Lethe's Curse is no ordinary condition. The only way to acquire it is by attempting to wield the power of the Oblivion Current. Due to this fact, calling the Curse a condition is less accurate. It would be a more accurate description to call this curse "Celestial Retribution" a punishment for those who decide to tap into the most forbidden of practices even among the Celestials themselves. Though if this was truly a forbidden practice, it calls into question why the Chairman is even willing to tap into it at all.


Upon being marked with Lethe's Curse, starry black cracks will form on the Marked as the very essence of the Wielder begins to be consumed. So much as touching the Marked's body where the Curse manifests will cause them excruciating pain, effectively giving them an unshakable Achilles Heel.


While there is no known way to treat or remove the curse, the Curse will only progress further beyond the initial mark if the Marked one chooses to wield the Oblivion Current once more.


Upon being Marked with the Curse, starry black cracks will form on the Marked, causing excruciating pain to the Marked if the afllicted area is touched. At first, the mark is rather small, barely taking up the surface area of a dime, though even at this size if one was to touch the afflicted area, the Marked will experience an unbearable amount of pain. As the condition progresses, the cracks will expand in surface area, slowly covering the body part initially marked, before spreading across the entire body. Once the Cracks spread over the Chest, it is said the Marked will have trouble even breathing normally without experiencing excruciating pain. If the cracks spread across the Marked's entire body, their body will be obliterated on the spot and be forced to the Door instantly, bypassing the Astral Planes in their entirety forcing a instant soul decay for those not already effected by a True Immortality Curse. For those who are, upon ejection, they would still hold the Mark, but not at critical stage until they tap into the energies again.

Affected Groups

All Sentient species, whether Celestial or the 5th race can be affected by this curse. If they hold the potential to wield the arts and thus access this current, they can be affected by this Curse.


Easiest way, and the only way to prevent getting the curse is by not attempting to tap into the Oblivion Current.


Lethe's Curse could be considered enigmatic at best when it comes to its history. It is unknown when the first case of this Curse appeared. It is said only three cases have occurred in known history, with The Chairman being the only one who has ever acquired it before the year 4152, when Maria Aderon managed to get it.

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