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The Sorcerer Merlin (a.k.a. Good)

During the first 5 eras of Nexus History, there were three individuals who were said to have helped shape all that was to come next. The Doctor, The Remnant and the Synth, or known collequielly as Management, founded the organizations now under the Triquetra Banner, triggered the Ascendence of the Watcher, instigated the notoriously destructive series of events known as the Dark Wars and DWs, created the Ancient Guardians and set the stage for many projects that still persisit today. But, contrary to what one might assume, the 3 members referred to in this era as Management are not the 3 who initially qualified. There is a 4th member of Management, one of the Original 3 who was relegated to forgotten history at the beginning of the 4th era. He was known as the Sorcerer, the One and only: Merlin.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Given the enigmatic nature of Merlin and his tendency to keep most of what he is capable of close to his chest, it's not entirely clear what all he is capable of. As such, the following list only shows what abilities he has been observed to have used and is in no way an exuastive list.

The Sorcerer

  • Curse of Sin: As a consequence of the circumstances resulting in his existence, Merlin has the Type 1 True Immortality curse known collequielly as the Curse of Sin, making it impossible for him to ever truly be killed off.
  • Supernatural Strength: Merlin has a strength score of 8 billion, making him 7,999,999,995 times stronger than the baseline human and 7,999,999,960 times stronger than the strongest a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite. His maximum Carrying Capacity is a staggering 108 Megatons or 108,000,000 TONS
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    Which certianly is far more than you'd expect from a nerd like him
  • Supernatural Perception: Merlin has a perception score of 8 billion, making him 7,999,999,995 times more perceptive than the baseline human and 7,999,999,960 times more perceptive than the most perceptive a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite, with a Visual Acuity of 1600000000/100. This means he can see what a normal baseline human would be able to see at 100 feet away from a distance of 1600000000 feet or 303,030.30303 miles away from him.
  • Supernatural Endurance: Merlin has an Endurance score of 8 billion, allowing him to tank almost any blow with ease, making him for all practicle purposes completely invulnerable.
  • Supernatural Charisma: Merlin has a Charsima score of 13.33 billion, allowing him to easily charm almost anyone in existence. It is unclear if he has ever used this skill though, given the fact he has only recently returned to the board.
  • Supernatural Intellect: Merlin has an intellect score of 13.33 billion giving him an IQ of 266,666,666,660. This appears to be one of the scores he makes use of the most.
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    After all, he quite literally wrote the book on the Aspects, among many other subjects.
  • Supernatural Agility: Merlin has an Agility score of 8 billion, making him 7,999,999,995 times more agile than the baseline human and 7,999,999,960 times more agile than the most perceptive a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite. This makes his top speed is 32,000,000,000 miles per hour or 0.005 times the speed of light.
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    Which may not seem like much compared to the absurd max speeds of Diana, let alone the Chairman or the Trio but it's still staggeringly fast.
  • Supernatural Luck: Merlin has a Luck score of 8 billion, making him quite possibly one of the luckiest people in existence.
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    Though this luck score pales in comparison to even Diana's.
  • Supernatural Spirit: Merlin has a Spirit Score of 13.33 billion, making it so, for all intents and purposes, he has a practically inexahistible amount of energy at his disposal.
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    He isn't known as the Sorcerer for Nothing after all

Mental characteristics

Personal history

To improve readability, we have divided this Section into "Chapters," as it were. Each Section will have a Header above it which you can access from the Table of Contents for this entry.

Chapter 1: Enigmatic Origins, a Child of Good and Evil

The origins of the Sorcerer, like many of Management is shrouded in mystery. There are many accounts claiming to tell of their origin, but the most reliable account appears to be from the Lost Journals purported to be written by Merlin himself. According to the Journals, two individuals were woken up by Sephiron and the Observer within the Boundless void. They lacked any recollection from where they came from, not even having so much as a name to call themselves, and so the Observer gave them one. The First one was given the name of Good, being told they will always see the good in everyone, the Light within all Souls, so that he may amplify that spark. Neither Good nor Evil remembered where they came from, but both the Observer and Sephiron told them they were some of the brightest minds, who had realized things no one else had, and so they were spared from the cataclysm that consumed their world so as to allow their Species legacy to live on. To that end, Good, alongside his brother Evil were given dominion over the empty Void, and both worked together to create a magnificent Tower at the center of their Dominion. This formed the foundation of the Epicenter and solidifed Base Reality for the Nexus. Good and Evil then decided to try and create their own worlds within the Nexus. seeding life among these planets in an attempt to give a much needed spark to this desolate void. Sadly, this is where Good realized a major limitation with even the levels of power he and his Brother held. He could create Physical matter without issue, but even if he made creatures, they were nothing more than lifeless husks, lacking some criticial spark, that Good and Evil, with all their power could never recreate. Good did not understand what this was and why they could not recreate it, so he requested an Audience with the Observer and Sephiron who advised him that they lacked the power to grant the spark of life to their creations. Not to be deterred from his objective, Good asked Sephiron and the Observer if they could grant this power, and quickly signed a contract with them to grant the power they needed to grant this spark.

Chapter 2: A Library Boundless

After signing this Contract, Good and Evil worked tirelessly to repopulate their Domain, as countless planets exploded with life across the many stars. Good and Evil saw this as a job well done and decided to just observe these worlds, allowing them to evolve independently without intervention. But, this balance was never meant to last. One by one, each planet succumbed to it's own end, or in some cases completely failed to evolve at all. Good and Evil contemplated this issue, and realized this was due to a critical error on their part. Each planet they made only had Humans, Homo Sapians as if they started out as Homo Sapians. Without any creatures or other fauna, this was doomed to fail from the onset. Evil then proposed a solution, Reseed the realms again, but this time not just with Humans, but with all the Environmental factors that made Humans what they are, and perhaps, even throw in some Mythological creatures on a few planets or two as an experiment. Good agreed to this plan and left the Details up to his Brother to figure out, as he had other business to attend to. Unbenowest to anyone else, Good had made a discovery while his brother was busy figuring out how to reseed the cosmos. While experimenting with the enigmatic sea of quanta, Good inadvertandly opened a hole to outside the Nexus, making contact with an outside intelligence leagues beyond either brother in both knowledge and raw power. This intelligence called themselves The Muse, an Emissary from a world long forgotten who only shows themselves to individuals with immense potential. The Muse taught Good the methods required to transcend his physical form, granting access to the Domain of Knowledge and Wisdom, the Akashic Records. Browsing these vast records of history and knowledge long gone, Good drew the attention of the Records Curator, Metis. It's unclear what Metis's initial intentions were, but over time, the Records pushed Good towards several forgotten records originally said to have been written by the Celestial Grand Scientist himself...


It's not clear where The Sorcerer got his education, some say he was always as intelligent as he is today. Others say he spent eons studying everything he possibly could, taking full advantage of the Records and it's infinite stores of knowledge. Perhaps both are true in their own ways.


Merlin classifies as a Ex-Member of the Now-Defunct group known collequially as Management. As a founding member of this enigmatic group, Merlin and the other 3 worked to found the 3 organizations that make up the Triquetra today, along with the enigmatic organization that once stood behind all 3 organizations, known as Phoenix Corps. In the immediate Aftermath of wɛslaɪ̯ toʊ̯ loʊ̯, Merlin and his Brother Enigma collectively chose to dissolve Management and Phoenix Corps, resigning from their positions and retiring to explore the extraverse at large.

Accomplishments & Achievements

There are many different accomplishments we know the Sorcerer was responsible for achieving. A list of the more well known ones can be found below:
  • Initial Discovery of the Extraverse
  • Formation of the Nexus and the Epicenter
  • Founding The Collective, The MDA, and The PKT
  • Creation of the Chosen Project
  • Creation and Authorization of Project Infinity
  • Initial Creation of the Ancient Guardians
  • Creation of Project Phoenix
  • Forced Ascension of Project Vessel
  • Creation of the Ascension Project
  • Rediscovery of the Seal of Ages
  • Completion of Project Bablyon, resulting in the Birth of Annie Kitai
  • First Rediscovery of the Core of EDEN
  • Mastery of the Primal Aspects
  • Author of the Lost Journals
  • First Outsider to the Lost Continent
  • Pioneer of the Creator Gene
  • Designing a Gateway to the Core of EDEN
  • Failures & Embarrassments

    Ironically, a lot of the Sorcerer's Failures are directly related to his accomplishments:
  • Corruption by the Muse after discovering the Extraverse
  • Causing the Collapse of the 1st era and the total loss of all knowledge the Collective had gained during that period due to PI Mark 33
  • Project Phoenix resulting in Phoenix introducing Corruptix to the Nexus by him cursing his Brother
  • unintentionally locking Project Vessel into a perpetual loop of reincarnation, driving her insane enough to end the 2nd era.
  • Opening the Gateway to the Core, cracking the Seal of Ages and allowing the Fallen to begin to escape
  • Introducing the Gene to an entire world, causing a Barrier Rupture and leading to the Shattering
  • Sealing the Regulators away in the fragments of Caladbolg after the Shattering led to their discovery
  • Sealing his own brother away while possessed by the Muse, resulting in him going into a self-imposed Exile when his Brother inadvertandly knocked him into the Ancient Gateway.
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    History is written by the victors, but those who do not know the truth are condemned to repeat the mistakes of those who came before them

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    Power Classifcation
    Phi Particular
    Codex Personnel ID
    Known Aliases
    Current Status
    Retired/in Exile
    Date of Birth
    July 1st
    Light Hazel
    Sleek black hair
    Aligned Organization
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