The Epicenter

At the very center of the metaverse lies a gateway built with ancient and arcane techniques. Dubbed the Genesis gateway by those studying it, the massive gigastructure has lied dormant for eons. Most if not all attempts to activate it have been met with little to no success. So it begs to question. what is the gateway hiding. And is it perhaps disabled for a reason?


Those attemtping to venture into the epicenter need only follow the trails of magical energy back to the beginning. Blue and purple trails of energy surround the area around the gateway. A sign of the infinite and eternal harmonic relationship between the two primordial forces of Creation and Destruction. A platform exists nearby scarred beyond recognition, a sign of a battle long forgotten and lost from time.

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You would think the vast infinite void here would be cold and lifeless like space itself. In fact, it has been found to be quite the contrary. The void here is teeming with life in a constant cycle of death and rebirth. Whole planets of life form here as the primordial and elemental flames dance freely in this void that could be rightly considered their home.

Ecosystem Cycles

The life here, while prevalent, is in a constant cycle of death and rebirth. The blue flame washes over the area creating planets and stars. Her sister, the green flame, then washes over her creations, covering them with life. The white flame burns through the area washing over everything with warm light, but her brother, the black flame, is close behind, snuffing out the light her sister created. That marks the end of the cycle; for the blue flames, much more destructive brother, the purple flame burns through next and burns through all of his sister's creations. Then, the blue flame burns and creates things anew, starting the cycle again—a continuous cycle of death and rebirth.

Localized Phenomena

Some of the most notable phenomena here would be the presence of the primordial and elemental flames, endlessly "playing" with each other. Other notable phenomena would be the soothing warmth this void holds. People have even been said to be able to breathe here as if the area had oxygen. Atmospheric scans report that not only is there no oxygen in the area, but there are no atmospheric gases at all.


The history of this place has been mostly lost to the ages, only fragments of what this place once was remain.

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History is written by the victors, but those who do not know the truth are condemned to repeat the mistakes of those who came before them

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Alternative Name(s)
The Genesis Point, Center of everything, Genesis
Dimensional plane
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