Genesis Coin

There are a near-infinite amount of currencies within the metaverse, some being more valuable than others. With so many different currency types, one may wonder how trade is made between the various groups in the metaverse. Enter the Genesis Coin, a universal currency designed to become the standard currency for inter-realm transactions and used primarily when transactions are done between different factions.


The Genesis coin has been the de facto universal currency for as long as anyone alive can remember, meaning the genesis coin was first conceived long before the current era. Recovered documents held by the MDA regarding the previous eras reveal that the genesis coin wasn't always the de facto standard, though, with trading originally done with a far more ancient currency known only as the Oblivion shard, which had strange alchemical properties allowing it to transform into various different forms. The records are unclear exactly why such a valuable material was removed from circulation. Still, it does state that the Oblivion Shard was not just limited to transforming to other currencies, so it may have just been deemed too dangerous to have in nearly everyone's hands. After the Oblivion Shard was removed from circulation, The Collective started minting the Genesis Coin using its massive stores of Creationite and other various materials.


A Typical genesis coin looks like a circular gold plated object which is around the size of a US earth dime, with a diameter of a little under 2cm and weighing about 2g. it is said that if you look closely at one of these coins, you may be able to notice a very distinct but faded glow akin to what Creationite gives off.


The Genesis coin is meant to be the base value with which other currencies in the metaverse work off of as such 1 GC is akin to 1 USD from Earth. All other currencies in the metaverse use the genesis coin to base their value.

Material Makeup

Genesis coins are made from an assortment of various unknown materials of which have been highly classified by The Collective to deter counterfeiting of the material. We do know that the coin is made out of 0.000000000000001% Creationite as one of its materials though. Molecular scanning of the coins shows a makeup of various earth originating materials like copper, zinc, and iron. Strangely though, even adding up the compounds detected on the molecular scanner still only adds up to 5% of the mass of the genesis coin.

Controlling organization

The Collective serves as both the effective mint responsible with regulating the genesis coins and the effective bank responsible for putting these coins into circulation. Since The Collective is the one responsible for safeguarding information regarding utilization of the Primordial Elements, they are entirely responsible for the manufacturing and minting of the genesis coins.


The genesis coin is a relatively common item to find as it is the de facto universal currency within the metaverse. As such, almost everyone you would meet would have some of these coins.


The Collective uses a series of specialized minting equipment to manufacture and mint these coins. The equipment used by The Collective are highly proprietary, with their specs heavily classified to nearly the highest levels they can classify them to. As such only, the Collective holds the necessary equipment and technology to create authentic coins.

Manufacturing process.

Genesis Coins are minted exclusively by The Collective, using a highly proprietary method. Their coin mints melt the materials down with fires burning hotter than 500x the primordial limit. The insane heat the coins are forged in makes them insanely resilient to temperature changes making it nigh impossible to melt a coin back down to its composite materials.

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