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Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will. -- George Bernard Shaw

While at first glance, the Primordial elements of Creationite and Destructinite would appear to be unparalleled in their power and usage, these are not the only two Primordial Elements, nor are they the most powerful. Which makes one wonder, what is the most powerful Primordial Element? The Answer to that is actually rather deceptively simple, Imaginarium.


Material Characteristics

Imaginarium in its purest state has been said to look like a yellow glowing crystal, though if one was to look close enough, it has been said that one could see the light of distant stars long forgotten by Time shining faintly within this enigmatic crystal.

Physical & Chemical Properties

True to its name, Imaginarium's properties have been observed to be completely malleable, twisting and changing its very makeup to fit what the holder imagines it to be before they test it. As an example, if one was to imagine or presume at the element was cold to the touch, when they were to touch it for the first time, it would indeed be cold to the touch. Due to these Amorphous properties inherent to Imaginarium, its impossible to empirically determine what properties it truly holds. The only limits to what properties it can hold, are the imagination of those attempting to use that particular sample.


As of current, it is unknown if there are any Compounds that use Imaginarium as the base. Given its amorphous nature and enigmatic origin, one could theorize that Imaginarium has no possible compounds, or perhaps it could be the baseline for all Exotic/Primordial matter, like Quarks are the bulding blocks of all elements in the Material Plane. Given our lack of information on this primordial, either answer is equally plausible.

Geology & Geography

Like the other Primordial elements, Imaginarium has been shown to be capable of forming on any celestial body that has experienced an Imaginary Storm Event. Since these storms are extremely rare, its unclear if Imaginarium could appear on Artificial Structures like space stations or fully artificial planets, unlike Creationite and Destructinte which will only appear on Natural Celestial Bodies.

Origin & Source

Like the other Primordial elements, it is unknown where exactly Imaginarium first originated. The most promising theory of many is that Imaginarium originates from the Domain of Imagination and bleeds into our world in specific instances where the Imaginary begins to bleed into the Base Reality, or Material Plane.

Life & Expiration

Unlike Creationite and Destructinite, Imaginarium classifes as Exotic Matter in the purest sense of the name and has been observed to decay back to ordinary 3rd dimensional matter without the usage of certian procedures to prevent it from doing so.

History & Usage


While nowhere near as famous as Creationite and Destructinite, Imaginarium has appears a multitude of times throughout history, the oldest confirmed instance was the Matrix of Reality Crystal which Management used to turn Diana May into the Power House they are today, but there are rumors of older usages of the Fragments during the Guardian Project. More recent cases of Imaginarium occured in the 5th era, with the Omega Class Imaginary Storm that formed in Siberia back on Earth Prime being the most recent case on record so far.


It is well-known that Imaginarium was first discovered by Management back in the 1st era, using the largest sample ever to form on record, known as the Matrix of Reality fragment, for Project Vessel.

Everyday use

Due to the immense requirements and rarity of this material, it has no common usage, with even the Collective rarely if ever uses these fragments in their various products.


Due to the fact Imaginarium decays unlike Creationite or Destructinite, special procedures are needed to keep the Imaginarium from simply decaying into ordinary matter. While we do not know the specific procedures used to do so, it's been theorized that Management used a process of Energy Infusion to infuse other sentients with the power of the Fragments, resulting in the hosts gaining immense power well beyond the baseline.


Due to the immense power held within even the smallest samples of this element, misuse can have dire consequences, making the Genesis Explosion hazard Creationite held look like a firecracker by comparison.

Reusability & Recycling

Left on its own for enough time, Imaginarium will decay back into conventional 3rd dimensional matter, matching the terrain it was found in. Once this occurs, the Decayed Imaginarium can be used conventionally just like any other sample of the matter it became. As an example, Imaginarium that decays into Iron could be used to make steel just like any other iron sample you would find. This decay is irreversable however, so any of the exotic properties held by Imaginarium will be lost upon decay.



Due to the exotic nature inherent to this element, special procedures are required to contain this element in its current state without risking it decaying back into ordinary matter. It is entirely unclear what procedures would be required however.

Law & Regulation

Due to the immense volatility of this element, it is classified as a Type IX element on the TCTACs scale, as such only a Type IX group and above is allowed to attempt to work with the Element according to the Butterly Accords, meaning not even the Collective is allowed to work with the element at this time.

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Imaginarium Fragment by LegendaryFawfulWaffle
Primordial Element
Element Classification
Elemental Stability Class
Element TCTACS Class
Element ID
Risk level
1060000000000000000 per 2g sample at 100% purity
Extremely Rare/Nigh-Impossible to Acquire
Why would someone taste test an ore?
Why would someone taste test an ore?
Imaginary Yellow
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State
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