People sometimes felt it was so simple being responsible for creation itself. In reality its nowhere near the case. You may become responsible for its greatest strengths, but you also become responsible for its shortcoming and flaws...

Mother of Calamity Cryphone (a.k.a. The Dark Mother)

A well known saying is that even the brightest light casts an equally dark shadow. Light and darkness are two sides of the same coin after all, as are Creation and Destruction two sides of their own coin. This duality is known to be a fundamental construct of our base reality, and not even one as powerful as Sephiron Delacruz is exempt to this contruct. So if Sephiron is the Mother of Imagination, what is her opposite? What is the other side to her coin. The answer to that, is the Dark Mother herself, Cryphone.

Divine Domains

As the shadow to Sephiron's light, Cryphone shares jurisdiction over the same Domain as Sephiron herself does. The Domain of Imagination, and everything that is said to entail.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As Sephiron's opposite, Cryphone's figure has been described to be the inverse of Sephiron's own. An intricately designed Purple Dress, with Silver Arcane Wings instead of the Gold ones held by Sephiron.

Special abilities

As Sephiron's other half, Cryphone holds the same unprecedented levels of power as she does.

Celestial Genetics

Cryphone is the one of only 5 entities on record to carry Prime Celestial Genetics, resulting in her holding unlimited potential. While it is entirely unclear what this will mean in the long run, given the unprecedented nature of her existence, so far, we have discovered a few traits that seem to be connected to her Prime Celestial Genetics.
  • True Immortality: Due to holding Celestial Genetics, Cryphone has a Type 5 True Immortality Curse. This makes it entirely impossible to actually kill her off
  • Absolute Strength: Cryphone's scores are so high on strength that her score is quite literally unquantifiable.
  • Absolute Perception: Cryphone's Perception scores are completely and utterly unquantifiable. From a practical perspective, this would mean she would hold Omnipresence and be able to see anything across the entire nexus and even beyond, though it is not entirely clear if this is true.
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    Though if that is the case, it must be quite nice to be able to see everything without having to use your cameras as a medium to do so.
  • Absolute Endurance: Cryphone's Endurance Scores are completely off the charts, making her capable of taking a beating from pretty much anything in existence.
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    A feat not even Gabbie can pull off, and she thinks lounging around in the center of a supermassive black hole is a 5-star destination choice.
  • Absolute Charisma: Cryphone's Charisma Scores are entirely off the scales, it's entirely unclear what this would mean in practical applications, though it has been said that Cryphone was an excellent manipulator of events during the Fall and its immediete aftermath.
  • Absolute Intellect: Cryphone's Intellect Scores are entirely off the charts, making her one of the most intelligent beings on record, if not the most intelligent, not even the Chairman of the Collective holds a candle to her.
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    She makes even the brainiest brains in the metaverse and beyond look like village idiots in comparison.
  • Absolute Agility: Cryphone's Agility scores are entirely off the charts, making her the fastest and most agile person alive to date; she could be anywhere in existence instantly and not even need to teleport to get there.
  • Absolute Luck: Cryphone's Luck scores are completely off the charts, making her the luckiest person on record. This would mean the odds are quite literally ever in her favor.
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    And unlike an XCOM 2 sniper, 99% chance of hitting actually means 99% chance of hitting.
  • Absolute Spirit: Cryphone's Spirit scores are entirely off the charts, meaning she has the most potent soul on record, even more powerful than Ramon's.

Prime Regulator

As the Regulator in charge of the Domain of Imagination, Cryphone is classified as a Prime Regulator. This gives her completely unprecedented power over Existence itself. It's not 100% clear what this would mean, but the Chairman did mention some theories about what this could potentially mean.
  • Absolute Authority: As the Prime Regulator, Cryphone has complete and Absolute Authority across the all encompassing Domain of Imagination, effectively meaning she has full and complete authority over all other domains, theoretically even being capable of overriding the absolute authority held by the other regulators over their respective domains.
  • Regulator of Laws: As the Embodiement of the Imaginary Tree, Cryphone holds complete control over the Laws of existence itself, capable of reshaping the very laws of nature themselves. This would make her as close to truly omnipotent as one could possibly be.
  • Law of Imaginary: As the embodiement of Imagination, Cryphone is the very incarnation of Imaginary Law, this grants her complete and total Immutability, preventing any outside force from effecting her.

The Dark Mother

As Sephiron's Opposite, Cryphone holds similar abilities to Sephiron's Mother of All tree. However these abilities could be considered inverted variants of the abilites Sephiron holds.
  • Calamitous Reckoning: Cryphone has the potential power to obliterate any individual who threatens the integrity of her Domain, completely bypassing the Astral Planes and forcing an instantanous Soul Decay resulting in the soul in question ending up in the Door of Truth instantanously. Only the Proctor and the Observer could bring back someone who is forced into the Door in this manner. This does not however bypass true Immorality Curses like the Curse of Sin or the Phoenix curse as those effected just get ejected from the Door later on.
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    Not that this bothers her at all, as she is more than pleased to kill you over and over again if you piss her off
  • Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned: Considered the inverse of Sephiron's pacification aura, Cryphone radiates a presence of sheer fear and intimidation, capable of scaring even the other Celestials. This effect is only active when she glares at someone,
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    but if you manage to get this glare from her, you better have written your last will and testamant.
    with the most noticable effect being a loss of will to fight back, not out of cordiality like Sephiron, but out of sheer fear.

Tree of Calamity

Back in the era of the Lost Continent, Cryphone was known as the Tree of Calamity by the Sephira. As such, the following abilities have been observed to be in her aresenal.
Bearer of Immortal Sins
  • Voracity of Belezebub: As the Bearer of Immortal Sins, Cryphone is the Embodiement of the Curse brought upon by the Sacred Stone Beelzebub. As such she not only is immune to the Gluttonous Jam, but she has full control over them, capable of sending them wherever she pleases. This could allow her to straight up consume all Spiritual Energy in an area, preventing anyone from using Magic within that zone.
  • Wrath of Satna: As the Bearer of Immortal Sins, Cryphone embodies the Wrath felt by the 5th race. What this inherently means is unclear, but it is said that if Crphone was to unleash all the Wrath she has built up over the eons, it would cause every civilization in existence to collapse into a cycle of endless wars.
  • Indolence of Belphegor: As the Bearer of Immmortal Sins, Cryphone Embodies the Lethargy felt by the 5th race. This could potentially allow her to completely halt any innovation or progress for a civilization, or if she so choosed, she could force a single sentient into a crippling and incurable state of Antipathy, robbing them of any ambition or drive to do anything but wait for their end.
  • Fervor of Asmodeus: As the Bearer of Immortal Sins, Cryphone embodies the Lust inherent to those of the 5th race. This could allow her to force unions to break apart, a sort of twisted Cupid's Arrow in a manner of speaking. When Combined with Wrath of Satna and Levithan's Envy, this could potentially allow Cryphone to force an empire into a cycle of Regicide.
  • Leviathan's Envy: As the Bearer of Immortal Sins, Cryphone embodies the Envy felt by the 5th race. This allows her to destroy her target from within, preventing them from working with others without being overtaken by Envy. When combined with Wrath of Satna, this could easily be used to force an empire onto it's knees, causing it to crumble from within.
  • Greed of Mammon: As the Bearer of Immortal Sins, Cryphone embodies the Greed felt by the 5th race. This allows her to easily manipulate her targets into doing her bidding, simply by enticing them with promises of whatever they wish. When combined with Wrath of Satna, this could easily be used to force a world into a endless cycle of resource wars.

Origin of Calamity:


Mental characteristics

Personal history

It's not clear where Cryphone came from. It is said she is Sephiron's other half, born from the burdent she has shouldered since the beginning. While Sephiron embodies all the Positive aspects inherent to Sentient beings, Cryphone is said to embody all the negative aspects, all the hardships, the pain, the malice, the envy. According to some sources, there was a time when Cryphone and Sephiron were a single individual, with them only splitting in two during the Fall. However, even though they are split from each other in the modern era, they are still intrinsically linked, with Sephiron's Power being Cryphone's Power, and vice versa.

Morality & Philosophy

Unlike Sephiron who could be best described as a pacifist, Cryphone is known to be quite the opposite and has no qualms hurting people if that's what is required to regulate the Domains she and Sephiron share dominion over.

Personality Characteristics


Like Sephiron and the other Regulators, Cryphone's true motives are entirely shrouded in mystery. Up until the end of the 5th era, Management and everyone else were lead to believe that Cryphone wanted nothing more than to erase what was the greatest mistake caused by her other half. The granting of Free Will to the Children of Babylon. However, In the aftermath of wɛslaɪ̯ toʊ̯ loʊ̯, it was proven that this was a massive misconception, as both sides united as one to help stop the Vanguard. As such, whatever Cryphone's actual motives were or still are, they have yet to be revealed.



Sister/Other Half (Vital)

Towards Sephiron Delacruz



Sephiron Delacruz

Sister/Other Half (Vital)

Towards Cryphone



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The Dark Mother, Sephiron's opposite, born of the Weight she has beared since her birth

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Power Classifcation
Codex Personnel ID
Known Aliases
The Dark Mother
The Tree of Calamity
Origin of Calamity
Bearer of Immortal Sins
Divine Classification
Prime Regulator
Unknown[Presumed Timeless]
Date of Birth
Unknown[Presumed Timeless]
Roots of Imagination
Sephiron Delacruz (Sister/Other Half)
Swirly Purple, with a strange galaxy like texture to it.
172.5 cm
Quotes & Catchphrases
looking at me is like looking in a mirror for her
— Cryphone on Sephiron
So that's how you think on this, is it dear? I don't think Erebus was laughing when I cursed them and everyone into the earth because someone decided to use our gift to kill off the only person in this reality I do care about.
— Cryphone to Roboco after Gulfan's untimely demise at the hands of the Vanguard
(just sighs and walks away) Just another one to add to the census, not that it matters. She is the only one who matters.
She's grown up to be quite the amazing young woman.
— To Calamity regarding Edenia


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