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David Auctor

David Auctor (a.k.a. The Remnant)

During the first 5 eras of Nexus History, there were three individuals who were said to have helped shape all that was to come next. Known collequielly as Management, founded the organizations now under the Triquetra Banner, triggered the Ascendence of the Watcher, instigated the notoriously destructive series of events known as the Dark Wars or DWs, created the Ancient Guardians and set the stage for many projects that still persisit today. Though each member of Management could share responsibility for the many egregious transgressions, only one such member has taken full responsibility and was given most if not all the blame for not just what Management has done, but every single bad thing that has ever occured since the beginning of time. The one and only Remnant.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Given the enigmatic nature of David and his tendency to keep most of what he is capable of close to his chest, it's not entirely clear what all he is capable of. As such, the following list only shows what abilities he has been observed to have used and is in no way an exuastive list.

Remnant of Time

David Auctor is classified as a Time Remnant of The Doctor. This has resulted in him holding the following attributes which were inherited from The Doctor
  • Curse of Sin: Due to being a time remnant of the Doctor, David shares the same Type 1 True Immortality curse known collequielly as the Curse of Sin, making it impossible for him to ever truly be killed off.
  • Supernatural Strength: David has a strength score of 8 billion, making him 7,999,999,995 times stronger than the baseline human and 7,999,999,960 times stronger than the strongest a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite. His maximum Carrying Capacity is a staggering 108 Megatons or 108,000,000 TONS
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    Which certianly is far more than you'd expect from a nerd like him
  • Supernatural Perception: David has a perception score of 8 billion, making him 7,999,999,995 times more perceptive than the baseline human and 7,999,999,960 times more perceptive than the most perceptive a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite, with a Visual Acuity of 1600000000/100. This means he can see what a normal baseline human would be able to see at 100 feet away from a distance of 1600000000 feet or 303,030.30303 miles away from him.
  • Supernatural Endurance: David has an Endurance score of 8 billion, allowing him to tank almost any blow with ease, making him for all practicle purposes completely invulnerable.
  • Supernatural Charisma: David has a Charsima score of 13.33 billion, allowing him to easily charm almost anyone in existence. This has been observed to be one of the scores he tends to use the most with his silver tongue.
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    After all, he would make a terrible Devil if he didn't have quite the way with words.
  • Supernatural Intellect: David has an intellect score of 13.33 billion giving him an IQ of 266,666,666,660. Similar to his charisma, this appears to be one of the scores he makes use of the most.
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    A Devil needs to know what one wants in order to rope you in after all.
  • Supernatural Agility: David has an Agility score of 8 billion, making him 7,999,999,995 times more agile than the baseline human and 7,999,999,960 times more agile than the most perceptive a corporeal form can be before undergoing their first ascension rite. This makes his top speed is 32,000,000,000 miles per hour or 0.005 times the speed of light.
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    Which may not seem like much compared to the absurd max speeds of Diana, let alone the Chairman or the Trio but it's still staggeringly fast.
  • Supernatural Luck: David has a Luck score of 8 billion, making him quite possibly one of the luckiest people in existence.
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    Though this luck score pales in comparison to even Diana's.
  • Supernatural Spirit: David has a Spirit Score of 13.33 billion, making it so, for all intents and purposes, he has a practically inexahistible amount of energy at his disposal.
  • Devilish Bargain: David has a propensity to forge contracts with others. These contracts always bind both parties into providing what was agreed upon and are designed from the getgo to be entirely unbreakable in nature, It's not clear why he tends to make these, but his propensity to make them almost borderlines on obsession.
  • Invited Temptation: David has been observed to have a tendency to almost always be listening in on any conversation, making it nigh-guranteed that if one is to mention him by name, he'll be aware of this occuring. This level of awareness almost borderlines on Omnipresence given it's nature, but it has yet to be confirmed if it's true omnipresence or just a factor of his name serving as a method of invitation.
  • Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    To improve readability, we have decided to split this section into "Chapters," as it were. Each section will have a Header above it which you can access from the Table of Contents for this entry

    Chapter 1: Origin of Evil

    David's origins starkly contrasted with those of his colleagues in Management. He came into being two and a half days into the 4th era, a time marked by the failure of the Colonization experiment and the inexplicable disappearance of the Sorcerer from the board. Before vanishing, the Sorcerer released the Doctor, who then created The Dark Author or, more simply known as DA; as a Time Remnant of himself, and concealed them in his stead. This clandestine act was intended to keep the Doctor's newfound freedom a secret from all. David, in turn, played the role of Evil and set out to manipulate Dark, his current host, into causing his partial or even full release. However, Dark proved to be resistant to his attempts, causing DA to bide his time and wait for the opportune moment to arise. After the collapse of Ygdrassil, which resulted in the complete wipe of Dark, DA seized his moment and gained near-total control of Dark, transforming them into the infamous Puppetmaster. From there, David embarked on numerous projects to set the stage for his full release, becoming associated with nearly every catastrophic event that occurred. As a result, he gained notoriety as the Origin of All Evil.

    Chapter 2: Cracks in the Facade

    Despite David's notorious reputation, his overt actions were limited, besides his involvement in pushing Project Libitina and Project Unity. However, David's power and influence experienced a significant shift with the collapse of the 4th era. Codex Memorius, discovered by Althea and Ashia, was accidentally activated, causing one of the seals containing David to break, resulting in his temporary release. During this time, David managed to obtain Codex Aetherius, outmaneuvering Leo's attempt to locate it. David then proceeded to acquire all 26 Codi, using coercion or exploiting uninformed collectors. David's strength and power grew with each seal broken, while his current host, Damien, began to weaken. These ominous signs indicated that the malevolent entity was on the verge of being unleashed. However, as the days went by and he became closer and closer to being free, certain individuals began to question the narrative behind this "Malevelont" entity, suspecting there might be more to this than what has been told. This all came to a head shortly after Eden retrieved Codex Cyclius, when David attempted to take it from them. Eden offered to try and help cure what she called, the Corruptix Curse, which she learned David was afflicted with during her time in the Akashic. David seemed to hesitate, before saying that if she ever cracks the code for such a cure, to hit him up. He then left a "present" for Leo, revealing the memories that the Doctor forcibly removed about the true origin of Haruhiko and the other gatekeepers that made an appearance earlier. Not even a day later, David helped Damien save Kizuna from her Unverse self after Kryrdee accidentally woke them up. Unbenowest to Damien or Kizuna at the time though, David had taken advantage of this window to retrieve an Unverse clone of Kizuna for his own needs, releasing Black AI from his control in the process. David had their own plans for the Unverse, and with that last pawn claimed for his plans, the stage was set and the curtain was about to rise on one of the most infamous events of the early 5th era.

    Personality Characteristics


    Even now after the truth about his nature, David's motivation is as enigmatic as it was the day they first made their presence known to everyone.

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    History is written by the victors, but those who do not know the truth are condemned to repeat the mistakes of those who came before them

    This entry is a Stub and will be expanded on in the future.

    Rift Born Entry

    Welcome to the Genesis Chamber, the front door to the Nexus

    This entry is for a Rift Born, an entity who has arrived here via the Genesis Chamber. Their story has only just begun, so expect this entry to be updated quite often as their story unfolds within the vast expanse.

    WIP Character Entry

    Your story has only just begun.

    This is an entry about an individual who's story is only just begun and will be expanded upon regularly. Be sure to check back often as there might be new things to learn about this particular individual.

    The Remnant, the Dark Author, the oldest of Evils. These are just some of the many titles held by the one known as David Auctor. But do any of them hold purchase in reality?

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    Power Classifcation
    Phi Particular
    Codex Personnel ID
    Known Aliases
    Dark Author
    David Auctor
    The Remnant
    The Devil
    Playlist Part 1[BETA]
    Chaotic Neutral
    Date of Birth
    Unknown/Presumed Start of 4th Era
    Heterochromia: Destruction Purple and Creation Blue
    Dirty Grey hair, almost silver in color
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Light tan.
    182.8cm/ 5'11
    Variable, typically 125 lbs
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    All magic, comes with a price
    You'll never be able to catch up with me, dearie, and do you know why? Because you are content with playing checkers while I am playing 17 dimensional chess.
    For as long as just one of you corporeals refuse to take responsibility or blame for your own actions, refuse to acknowledge poor choices were entirely of your own making, there will always be a Scapegoat, a Devil, that you choose to push said blame on to. Such is the way things are, such as they shall always be.
    You corporerals and your love for such primitive weapons. When are you going to learn how futile they are in the grand game?
    Life is a game of chess, where 90% of the world are pawns, 6% are rooks, 1% are bishops, and 1% are queens
    Dearie I have been playing the CCs like they are pawns in a chess game for eons now. We didn't exactly up their intelligence
    Perks of having given him the gifts he has. I know exactly what they can do. And I know exactly where the limits are. I push past them and I think you know what happens given it already did on extinction.
    Well, when you manage to crack what we haven't been able to in more time than teldrassil or ygdrassil has ever existed, come hit me up.
    That doesn't surprise me. Almost everyone that knows I exist believes I am that way. Thus is the narrative that has been shaped about me and my sibilings.
    So tell me, which force would you rather work for? the one that wishes everyone followed the design and reduces everything to effective automatons. Or the one who would rather you think and act for yourself, even if it is destructive for those around.
    I can see that. Especially since most entities that focus on evil would probably backstab you or discard you once they are done with you. That's never been how I operate though.
    First, I had her fight them to cure her. and you all know my reputation, would you all have believed me if I told you the truth from the start?
    Aligned Organization


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