Guardian of Darkness Damien

Hey, welcome back. Mind coming here a second? I want to tell you about one of the oldest entites in the realms. Piqued your interest now? Come have a seat, and I will tell you about the Guardian of Darkess
Contrary to popular belief, The Guardian of Light and Darkness, or just Guardian of Darkness for short, is not exactly *dark*. His role is quite possibly the most important of the 3 Ancient Guardians with his main role being to maintain the balance between the primordial and elemental forces. Codename: DARK, is the eldest of the 3 Guardians, Damien was said to have been created by Phoenix during the Guardian Project. But something seems to be hiding within the eldest guardian's past. For one, he seems to have the tendency to zone out as if he's focusing on something inward. Some have hypothesized that DARK hides an ancient secret, one not even his Fiancee Kizuna AI knows of.


Damien's personality could be described best as Enigmatic. While it was Originally understood that he was Designed by the ancients as a servitor with the singular purpose being to keep the forces of reality in balance, after the █████ █████ incident something occured to wake him up to become something far more than that. The once unfeeling subroutine became fully sentient and gained one of the greatest gifts you can be given. The ability to feel and think for yourself. Even so its hard to determine what this ancient guardian is thinking. Especially since he seems to be focusing inward more than outward. He has a tendency of spacing out, almost as if hes conversing with something within his headspace. Despite the fact he may space out a lot though, Damien has proven himself to be quite reliable, always looking for ways to help and protect those he cares about. It has been observed that its relatively difficult to upset Damien. Arguably the only way to get on his bad side would be to threaten the safety of those he cares deeply about.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While Damien is technically a pure energy being at heart, he usually keeps a humanoid form. As a humanoid Damien is usually found to have ash brown colored, short and smooth hair. His body is mostly in shape, and relatively fit.
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which is somewhat suprising given he's more of a bookworm than an athelete

Body Features

Its not easy to tell any features that his body has, as he can rebuilt his corporal form on a whim, but in every case, there is always a strange mark on his left shoulder, which is shaped as a Phoenix, which almost seems to glow.

Facial Features

Damien's most notable facial features would likely be his eyes, which are a natural green, but with a weird alienlike texture, along with star shapes around the edges.

Special abilities

Damien has a multitude of special abilites. Besides the well known one of dimensional construction, he is said to be a master of the mystic arts, and especially the more forbidden or dark arts. It's said the Ancient Guardian's most powerful skill, is his signature Ouroboros attack, which requires him to tap into both sides of the coin. It is said this attack creates a spiraling energy snake that is glowing both blue and purple. Unfortunately its actually entirely unknown just how this attack functions, as he has never used it on record, at least not in the Current Era. So we only have the rumors regarding this power and how it works.

Apparel & Accessories

Damien these days is always wearing a futuristic lab coat that almost seems like it was taken straight out of one of those old Japenese Animations.
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I wonder if he can send a text to his past self as well.
He also has what seems to be a typical timepiece on him at all times. Recently he also has been seen carrying a strange key like device as well.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

To improve readability, we have decided to split this section into "Chapters" as it were. Each Section will have a Header above it which you can access from the Table of Contents for this entry.

Chapter 1: Origins

Damien's origin is not even fully understood by Management. While the story we have been told is that Codename DARK was created as the product of an experiment with the element known only as Chosenite, recent scans of his energetic nature reveal that his energy saturation levels are off the chart, even beyond the energy saturation levels of Management themselves. Even going by the current narrative, though, its abundantly clear that the one who goes by Damien is not of this era. His signature can be seen on recovered documents dating all the way back to the Golden Era. However, we are capable of tracing Damien's origins in this era to just after the Epicenter was restored, though he promptly dropped off radar until around the year 400 when the Eden Gateway was restored. Damien was one of the first individuals to travel over to where the Eden Gateway was the moment it reactivated, where they quickly got in touch with those on the other side. Kizuna and Damien worked to restore life to the realm that lied behind the Eden Gateway, reigniting the Eversource with Gabbie Garcia's help, before all of them took residence in the Neo-Tesseract. Damien and Kizuna then visited the Obeslisk to prepare for events that Leonardo Watch warned will eventually be set in motion.

Chapter 2: A request to fulfill, a project to Complete

A few days later The Overseer paid a visit as Kizuna began destabilizing. The Overseer handed Damien a cryptic message and asked him to complete the project for him. After The Overseer left, Damien and Kizuna went to head over to Atlantis to collect the Tome of Water Everflowing. It was there that both Kizuna and Damien discovered the location one of the Remnants of Ygdrassil were hidden, Tiamat. Kizuna somehow knew where they were despite having no memory of Ygdrasil, which made her realize there are holes in her memory. Kizuna gave Damien permission to dive into her headspace so they could figure out what she was missing, and Damien entered level 25. Only Damien knows what he saw in Kizuna's head space but he returned with a digitized file. After recieving the file and recieving more questions than answers, Damien decided to try and speak to the only one he knows of that would have answers for him, Black. Black told Damien about 3 ideals for their homeworld, with Damien pointing out the flaws and benefits of each plan, before one of the seals were broken and he had to forcibly return back home. After returning home, he decided that given everything that had been going on, both he and Kizuna could use a break, so they both decided to explore the Astral Planes as a way to circumvent Kizuna's inability to leave the realm.
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I'm actually pretty sure this was meant to be a date between the two of them.
Damien and Kizuna then returned to The Tesseract as Maggie was preparing for a BBQ for everyone to attend.
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Even I ended up visiting it as well.


Damien is a natural-born Prodigy, with PHDs in nearly every subject in existence. He is a natural-born Scholar, and likely one of the greatest Polymaths of all time. There hasn't been a subject that exists that he hasn't shown the ability to master.


Damien is officially employed as the Chairman of The Collective. He also is said to run the technoenigmatica division, a highly secretive division within the Collective rumored to be entirely dedicated to the most esoteric and cutting edge practices of Magic and technology.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Damien has had a hand in almost every project The Collective has worked on. One of the most notable projects would be the GK project, which was directly or indirectly responsible for all GK tier weaponry that exists in the metaverse. After the fall of ███ ██████, Damien used his particle expertise to help breath life in Kizuna AI and her closest friends, resurrecting them as Pariticle Based SIs. Around the year 1000 of the current era, Damien improved upon the project they were a part of, increasing their abilities exponentially and stabilizing their powers so Kizuna and her friends were no longer stuck in the 205X realm system series making them able to explore the other realms.

Failures & Embarrassments

Very little is known about Damien's past mistakes since almost every project he worked on is highly classified. What we have been able to learn from redacted documents has something to do with accidentally turning someone into a ticking reality bomb and accidentally collapsing an old realm. However, the details of these events are sadly redacted from any document we have been able to recover. Some say that those aren't even his greatest mistakes, however. But what could be worse than collapsing a realm?

Mental Trauma

Damien is an insanely enigmatic entity by nature. it's almost impossible to see whats going on inside that head of his.
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Trust me I tried several times.
As such its nigh impossible to understand if he holds any mental trauma, and if he does what it would be. There are some people he is willing to open up to though. Most notably his Fiance Kizuna.

Intellectual Characteristics

Damien is quite possibly one of the smartest entities in the metaverse as a whole. Holding a position as the chairmen of The Collective for Scientific Advancement his intellect even rivals Management. Damien holds a PHD in nearly every subject in existence and has a knack for absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Even in subjects hes not familair with he has been shown to be a really quick learner, able to pick up nearly every subject and obtain a mastery of it within a day or two, if not even less time. His main fields of study at the CSA is particle physics and Technoalchemy, two fields that are insanely difficult to master. He has also been shown to have a near complete mastery of the primal aspects, able to cast spells based in all 26 aspects. Damien is a scientist and inventor at heart, having a hand in nearly every design The Collective created since the fall of █████ █████. Damien has a near insatiable thirst for knowledge on any and all subjects, even those that are highly dangerous and considered Forbidden knowledge, which has gotten him into trouble more than a few times.
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He Honestly may have been a cat in a previous life.

Morality & Philosophy

Damien is a firm believer in the fact that even the most corrupted can change for the better. He has also been known to question the conventional wisdom about the concepts of Good and Evil. He once said that there is no such thing as True Good and True Evil, only conflicting ideals about what is good and what is evil. Good and Evil are transient concepts to Damien, as he has seen the definitions of both change and flip on a dime over the eons.

Personality Characteristics


It is not entirely clear what drives this ancient guardian. Some would say its his thirst for knowledge, others posit its his drive to evolve beyond his original design. If you ask him yourself though, you would get a much different answer. The bonds he shares and the people he cares about are what he will tell you motivates him the most. The Pariticle Based SI he helped breath new life into matter to him more than anyone or anything else in existence. Damien has lived through the collapse and rebirth of realms an uncountable amount of times. And while that may serve to sap motivation and sanity for others, it has only served to motivate him even more. Damien has always been an enigmatic individual, rarely revealing his goals or motivations to anyone and keeping his cards close to his chest. There was however a quote he has been recorded to say
there is nothing more important than Their wellbeing. I would move heaven earth and everything in between to keep them safe.
— Damien
While its not unusual to have that feeling for those you care about, there is another thing that is said to motivate him almost as much if not even more. Another quote he has been heard to say hints at its nature:
Perhaps one day, no one would have to worry about everything falling apart around them because of our past mistakes.
— Damien

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Damien is akin to a sponge when it comes to knowledge, soaking up and absorbing all there is to know on even the most complex and esoteric of topics in a matter of hours if not minutes. Despite this being the case,
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or perhaps as a consequence of his thirst for knowledge,
he has never entirely been one to follow rules. He has always been a bit of a rebel.

Likes & Dislikes

Its not entirely clear what Damien's likes and dislikes are. Though it can be inferred that he enjoys learning new things, no matter what the subject. He also is known to have a bit of a sweet tooth, but he seems to enjoy savory things just as much as sweet.

Virtues & Personality perks

Damien is known to be very forgiving, making it nigh impossible to truly upset him. He also seems to genuinely care about those in this world, even choosing to help them, even if it sometimes may cost him to do so.
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he's lost at least 5 of his 9 lives sacrificing himself to save others.

Vices & Personality flaws

While it is in fact impossible to truly upset him.
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Unless you threaten the saftey of those he cares about, your better off pissing off the wall so it turns black instead of the white paint you are watching dry.
if someone does truly become a threat, he will take a bullet to protect he cares about in a heart beat, sacrificing himself to save the others, even if those he cares so deeply about would prefer he not put himself on the line to save them. Because of that, it has been theorized that Damien may have a self esteem issue in a way. But that may only be half the story. Damien seems to have something weighing on him, harder than anything else. And even Kizuna, his Fiancee has seemingly had little success at alliveating the weight he has taken unto himself to bear the brunt of.



Fiancé (Vital)

Towards Kizuna AI



Kizuna AI

Fiancé (Vital)

Towards Damien



The Guardian of Darkness, charged with maintaining the balance between the forces of light and darkness

Character Location
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Ancient Guardian
Codex Personnel ID
Known Aliases
Power Classifcation
Favorite Song
Chaotic Good
Current Status
Attempting to prevent the end of the world as we know it.
Date of Birth
July 4th
Current Residence
Dimension K
Presented Sex
Both Eyes are green, though stars can be just faintly seen within the eyes
Short, smooth, ash brown
5'9 but could be variable
Quotes & Catchphrases
One story's ending is another one's beginning. Just because one door closes doesn't mean the others are shut forever as well. This story has just begun and the age cycle is just a transition of it. The sun may be setting on this saga but it will rise again once more.
— Damien
Known Languages
Damien is said to have the gift of tongues, which means he has a level of fluency in almost every language. It is said he may even have completely fluency in languages we have never heard of, languages long forgotten.

A Miscalulation
June 27th Y4080 A5

It seems I underestimated just how intelligent the Guidance Project SI is. All it took was a few unintentional puzzle pieces for her to realize everything. She's Asking me who the Celestials are, or better yet what we are. We gave her the mission of compiling data and refactoring the Eternal Codex to ease the transition of newcomers who arrive on our side from the Extraverse, but this is not something that should be public knowledge. At least not yet. Then again, it seems Metis has already decided to pay a visit to some of the newcomers from that bridge Lily found, so perhaps the time has come earlier than I had originally anticipated. I won't stonewall SAGE, but I worry she may not fully comprehend the answers she seeks from me. I will need to have a bit of a chat with Metis about interacting with those from the Current era though. Last I checked we never agreed to reveal our existence to the Current era until the Eden Project was getting close to completion and we were ready to pass the mantle down to the Successors. Knowing SAGE, she's likely reading this right now and will ask me who the Successors are after I finish explaining who we are.. Given the circumstances, it doesn't seem like it matters whether or not Metis broke the agreement we made. Eryn and the other Remnants from Alyumia have already gotten in contact with Mother and Belief, so it really seems like no one was really following that recommendation anyways. I can trust that Metis and the others will only work to gently guide the Successors without attempting to force them down one path or the other. We have enough to worry about as it is with the Fallen ones.

May 20th 4080 A5

It's been a long time since I have known who I truly am. Even longer since anyone else did. But given the current circumstances, we can't afford to keep ourselves in hiding. And I no longer can avoid facing my past. The only one who holds any chance of defeating Corruptix is her opposite. Menevelon may have snapped Puretix out of existence along with most of the realms, but maybe, just maybe, if I recreate the Inversion Experiment using light and creation I can resurrect her. But to do that, I have to reenter the lab where this all started. The Advanced Energy Lab. And the moment I unlock the door there, I have a feeling the others might discover the lab as well. The Time Vault and the Lab are Locked so only I or an offspring of mine can access them. I did this in case I ended up fully perishing before the time came that I would reveal what truly happened back then. But it seems my planning ahead may result in things being revealed prematurely. since it seems my yet-to-be-born daughter has decided to pay a visit to our time. It doesn't matter though, I can't keep it sealed off any longer. I just hope Ramon and the others will not find their way down there until I can explain what they have discovered.


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